The Top 7 Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50: Expert Guide

It’s good to have a budget limit regarding your sports equipment, especially if you are a beginner. As beginner players, we thought expensive was the best option, however, we were wrong. Instead of letting everyone learn it the hard way, we made a list of the best budget ping pong paddles.

You might be thinking that by budget we mean under a hundred dollars or something, but we listed the best tennis racket under $50. Also, these are already great for beginners as they will help them get used to the feels of ping pong. Additionally, We found some suitable for professional players, just under $50!

Are you picky with your choice? Then read the buyer’s guide so that it helps you in knowing what type of ping pong paddle you desire. Or just jump into the best table tennis paddle reviews and select on the spot. Generally, you can find a ping pong paddle for under $50 with a comfortable grip, a high-quality blade, and tacky rubber. But as not everyone has time for looking through every paddle under$50, you can select from the ones we tested. Like JOOLA Infinity Edge Ping Pong Paddle is suitable even for professionals. Whether you are getting a ping pong paddle as a beginner, for family, or as a professional for leisure play, you will find one under a limited budget.

Comparison of 7 Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50 in 2023

Image Brand Blade material Handle type Rubber Check Price
 Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong Paddle Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong Paddle Wood Flared wood handle Nitrx rubber Check Price
Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50 STIGA Tournament Titan Table Tennis Racket Wood Concave Italian Composite 2mm sponge Check Price
Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50 JOOLA Infinity Edge Ping Pong Paddle  Wood and Carbon fiber Flared handle Advanced Micron rubber Check Price
STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket STIGA Advance Table Tennis Racket Wood Concave Handle 1.5mm sponge Check Price
 Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket & Case Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket Wood Flared handle CJ8000 rubber Check Price
Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50 Sport out Table Tennis Paddle Wood and Carbon fiber Flared handle 2mm sponge Check Price
Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Professional Racket Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Wood Flared handle 2mm Sponge Check Price

Top 7 Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $50 Reviews in 2023

1 Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for control

Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong PaddlePeople who want to improve their basics will find Killerspin Jet Black combo’s  5-layer wood and Nitrx rubbers useful. Even its looks appeal to the aesthetic sense of most players as it has black color. The best feature that it gives is control over shots and its light-constructed body aids in it. Not only that, but the rubber is sticky enough to provide spin for practicing forehand shots.

Inside the package, you will get a black carrying case that can store two table tennis rackets and four ping pong balls. Furthermore, you get this for just under $50 which is not a bad deal for beginners. Also, check the Table Tennis Injuries.

Talking about its performance rating, the spin, control, and power are 9, 7.5, and 9 respectively. The durability of the blade is not a concern we found in this ping pong paddle but its rubber needs to be changed after a few months. It is said to be ITTF-approved and can be used in competitions. Another thing we like is that its handle feels medium-weighted which is comfortable for both beginners and intermediate players. The control you have over your shots will improve drastically when using the Killerspin Jet Black combo paddle.




  • Blade material: Wood
  • Handle type: Flared wood handle
  • Rubber: Nitrx rubber
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎8.31 x 0.98 x 12.6 inches
What We Liked
  • Great at improving beginner’s game
  • Optimum weight
  • Comfortable handle
  • Includes carrying case
  • Can shoot both offensive and defensive shots
What We Didn’t Like
  • Rubber durability is weak
  • No production of popping sound like other ping pong rubbers

Final words

Killerspin Jet Black combo ping pong paddle is the best in controlling speed and spin shots. We found it suitable for defense and attacking type of games style. Also, intermediate players can use this and as beginners, this helped improve our game with amazing speed. We recommend changing the rubber once a month as it peels off. Also, there is no popping sound produced when the ball comes in contact with the rubber but it is not an issue when it comes to performance.


2 STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for lightweight

Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50For an ITTF-approved pick with looks that are like traditional tournament rackets, the STIGA tournament titan paddle serves well. With its 5-ply wood contracted blade, you might think it’s heavy but it is light and easy to swing. All types of players from novices to professionals can utilize this for various styles of gameplay.

The usage of Crystal Technology in its blade construction stood out to us, especially at its affordable price. Upon testing, it makes a great popping sound which gives us enjoyment in playing table tennis. Also, check the How to Assemble a Table Tennis Racket?

Also, the performance rating is quite exceptional of Speed: 80, Spin: 77, and  Control: 82. You will like it if you prefer fast-paced table tennis games as this gives both speed and control consistently. Although it does not feature any additional accessories like a carrying case or such, it gives technology in the blade which enhances the performance of the player. The grip is comfortable to hold but it is not anything high-quality.

Moving onto its rubber, the rubber is ITTF-approved 2mm inverted sponge that is sensitive and allows you to give effortless spin shots. The powerful feature is its weight which is light and comfortable for beginners but as a professional, you might find it too light for a serious match experience.




  • Blade material: Wood
  • Handle type: Concave Italian Composite
  • Rubber: 2mm sponge
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎12 x 7 x 3 inches
What We Liked
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Optimized weight across the blade for comfort
  • ITTF-approved
  • Powerful spin shots and regular shots
What We Didn’t Like
  • Too light
  • No carrying case

Final words

Overall, this is great for beginners who are starting the game and want to know what it’s like holding a table tennis racket. We do not recommend this for professionals as this is too light and will not improve your game in any sense. But as a beginner, its lightweight dress is what will help you improve. We love its thick ITTF-approved rubber and comfortable ergonomic handle. So know your skill level before opting for this ping pong paddle.

surface of STIGA Tournament

3 JOOLA Infinity Edge Ping Pong Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for professionals

Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50As a professional, you might be frustrated but with JOOLA infinity-edge even you can get a table tennis racket for under $50. With its performance rating of 95,94 and 94 for speed, spin, and control, you will find it appropriate for professional matches. We did not only recommend this by looking at statistics, but by using this in a serious match we found its Micron rubber and 7 Ply with Carbon and wood blade amazingly satisfying.

Diving deep into its construction, it features Hinoki, Koto, Ayous, and two layers of Carbon for a premium blade. The contraction is divided into 5-ply wood with 2-ply carbon. With so many layers of blade construction, it is inevitable to hide its weight therefore it’s heavy. This heaviness is what enables more control so that is not an issue unless you prefer lightweight table tennis rackets. Also, read How to Play Smash in Table Tennis?

Also, Driver 42 Table Tennis Rubber gives enough tackiness to produce both spin and speed. It’s not ITTF-approved but it follows all ITTF regulations and is a great partner for practice. You get a durable ping pong paddle as JOOLA covers its edges with PVC taping to show longevity. You will find its popping sound given by its enlarged sweet spot good enough for professional matches. Aesthetically, it comes in black color on both sides. Lastly, the handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hands of all players and is effortless to swing.




  • Blade material: Wood and Carbon fiber
  • Handle type: Flared handle
  • Rubber: Advanced Micron rubber
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎7.2 x 6.57 x 1.02 inches
What We Liked
  • Great for speed shots
  • Larger sweet spot
  • 7-ply wood construction
  • Tacky rubber for spin
  • Follows ITTF-regulations
What We Didn’t Like
  • Quite heavy

Final words

If you have been playing for a while and have a hold on your skills then go for this one. This is great for intermediate and professional players as it is heavier than others. You will find its blade perfect in categories of speed, spin, and control. The large sweet spot enables less probability of error or miss-shots.

4 STIGA Advance Table Tennis Racket-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for high-quality rubber

STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis RacketSTIGA advanced table tennis racket has 3-star rubber. The star indicates the quality of rubber depending on its speed and advancement. It has a 1.5mm sponge that creates energy between the ball and paddle that adds strength to the shots. Maximum control and efficiency are provided by ACS which serves as an ideal for a retort to each volley. This is a considerable paddle that can help in overthrowing your opponent with speedy and accurate shots.

With an added flare and Crystal technology in 5-ply blade construction, you get premium feels. This paddle features a large number of small air caps enclosed in an ultra-rubber that offers the highest speed and suppleness. Aside from its rubber, we liked the concave handle for its easy and tight grip. As you hold this, you will be confident and comfortable playing any type of match. Also, read the Height of Table Tennis Net.

Furthermore, it has various colors like blue, pink, green, and yellow. You can select according to your preference. The performance rating is 75 for speed, and 65 for spin and control. It does feel solid however it is not as durable as it looks.




  • Blade material: Wood
  • Handle type: Concave Handle
  • Rubber: 5mm sponge
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3 x 7.8 x 2 inches
What We Liked
  • Great elasticity
  • Hardened blade construction
  • Improves beginner skills
  • Think and sticky sponge
  • Various colors
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not durable
  • Rubber falls off upon regular use

Final words

To sum it up, for its price you get a lot but you have to know that it’s not durable and rubber needs to be changed once a month. Aside from that, the combination of a high-quality sponge and blade offers great performance. When we started using this paddle we saw fast improvement in our skills. So as a beginner or intermediate player this will serve as a blessing for learning various skills.

5 Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for hobbyists

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket & CaseAs a hobbyist, many people have asked for a budget table tennis racket that is fun to play with. A Palio Expert 3.0 table tennis racket with tacky rubber is made for them. The best things about this are a superior case to safeguard your racket and a revised blade that ensures control. Furthermore, wider edge tape to keep the tacky rubbers in place is also on both sides of the ping pong paddle.

Not only does it feature a regular ping pong paddle, but gives a comfortable handle that can improve your basic techniques. The CJ8000 rubber is durable and sticky for giving spin shots but not speedy ones. As given in its performance ratings, its speed is only 6 whereas spin and control are both 9 and 10 ratings. Also, check the Table Tennis Stance.

People who play regularly can change the replaceable rubber without any worries. If you maintain it nicely it can go for a long time without breaking. Even with its heavy weight, we found it great for defensive beginner players. We do not recommend this for intermediate or professional players, this is strictly for hobbyist players or beginners. You can get your kids to use this too for beginner-friendly matches!

We loved the case’s quality but the construction of the paddle was not as satisfactory as others. Overall it is secure to swing and does not cause any blemishes on hands.




  • Blade material: Wood
  • Handle type: Flared handle
  • Rubber: CJ8000 rubber
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31 x 7.28 x 1.1 inches
What We Liked
  • Ideal for beginners, kids, and hobbyists
  • Can generate spin
  • Maximum control
  • Secure to hold
  • Tacky and long-lasting rubber
  • Includes a protective case
What We Didn’t Like
  • Heavy
  • Not for professionals or intermediate players

Final words

Excluding professional and intermediate players, this has all you need for table tennis matches as beginners. With its maximum control and CJ8000 tacky rubber, you get accurate hits with spin. Once you have gotten control over your shots you can upgrade to a more professional table tennis racket. For its budget, this is one of the ideal rackets for new table tennis players.


Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket & Case

6 Sportout Table Tennis Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for intermediate players

Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50Intermediate players who are looking for a mid-range table tennis racket will need a 9-ply wood blade with high-quality rubber. Sport out features just that and comes with an easy-to-hold flared handle that has a Shakehand grip type. Firstly, the hybrid wood and carbon blade allow attacking and defending possible. We found that it has a large sweet spot which is great for avoiding misses during matches. We love its 9-ply wood blade plus 8-ply carbon that helped us improve our forehand shots impressively. Also, check the Best Table Tennis Set.

Secondly, the ITTF-approved 2mm thick elastic sponge can bounce the ball with a catchy sound. Also, topspin shots and generating spin in every shot are made easier with the inverted sponge. But it is hard to change the rubber as it is attached to the blade with DCC technology. However, we found rubber hardly peels off so that is not a serious issue. Also, check the How To Play Ping Pong?

Thirdly, the handle has carbon sweat-absorbing properties and can provide a lot of friction to prevent sliding off of the paddle. Looking at its performance rating, you see high points like 90 in both speed and spin. But the control only has 80 which is still appropriate for an intermediate player. Lastly, it also has a carrying case but let us tell you that if you have large hands the handle will be too small for you.




  • Blade material: Wood and Carbon fiber
  • Handle type: Flared handle
  • Rubber: 2mm sponge
  • Weight: 71 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches
What We Liked
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sticky DCC attached rubber
  • Suitable for all types of gameplay
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Sweat-absorbing handle
What We Didn’t Like
  • A little heavy for beginners
  • Small handle (not for Penhold grip style)

Final words

To conclude, it comes with a protective sheet which ensures professional feels to this racket. Professionals can use it for practice but ideally, it is constructed for intermediate players. Keep in mind that rubber is hard to change as it is permanently attached, and the handle is too small for large hands. But we found it comfortable to hold in the Shakehand grip type plus it gives the perfect blend of offensive shots with control.

7 Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for accuracy

Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Professional RacketFeaturing 99 speed, 93 spin, and 90 control, the Idoraz ping pong paddle is great for consistent matches. The packaging is amazing with a carrying case but that’s not all. You get an ITTF-approved 2mm rubber with a simple 5-ply pure wood blade structure. We liked its balanced and accurate performance.

you can use its superbly balanced frame for leisure plays or serious matches. With this ping pong paddle’s power, you can counterattack with plenty of accuracy even if it has quick shots. They are moderately tacky, which gives backspin shots more accuracy. Also, check the How to Keep Score in Ping Pong?

Additionally, the flared handle is of ergonomic design which is comfy to hold yet with a tight grip. It can fit all types of hands, even large-sized ones, so fret not! Whether you are a professional or a new player, you will find it useful as it has great spin and accuracy. To ensure durability and confidence, it offers a 30-day return guarantee so in case you do not like it you can return it. Lastly, you can give it as a gift as the packaging is better than others. But it is smelly as you open it anew, don’t worry because the smell goes away after using it two to three times.




  • Blade material: Wood
  • Handle type: Flared handle
  • Rubber: 2mm Sponge
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎11.4 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches
What We Liked
  • Fast and good for spin shots
  • Lightweight
  • Durable with warranty
  • Can give accurate shots
  • ITTF-approved rubber
What We Didn’t Like
  • Quite smelly
  • Low built quality

Final words

Although Idoraz is not a well-known company we were impressed by it so it was hard not to mention it. Even at an affordable price, you get professional features and its real wood blade construction is just what you need from a lightweight paddle. It has quite a pungent smell but that fades away slowly. The tacky rubber is a cherry on top which is ITTF-approved for professional feels.

Buyer’s guide

You might be thinking that having high expectations out of a $50 table tennis racket is ideal. But there are lots of types and factors you can consider when getting it which will help enhance your performance. They may not look as stylish or professional as expensive ones but when it comes to performance they will be the same. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ping pong paddles under $50 that are ITTF-approved. So, looking at these features is important. Also, check the Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

Skill level

For this, you have to know where you stand when it comes to practical skills in table tennis. There are beginners, intermediate players, and professionals. As a professional, a ping pong paddle that enhances your skills is much needed. And an intermediate player or a beginner would desire one that helps him learn the skills. So speed and spin caused by the ping pong paddle can be ignored by beginners, you should focus on controlling ones to have an upper hand in the game.

Grip and Handle

Grip style along with the handle type is an important factor. There are two types of each so read them to select the one you find most handy and comfortable:

Grip and Handle table tennis

  • Shakehand grip

This is the most common method of holding a ping pong paddle. While utilizing the Shakehand grip, both sides of the ping pong paddle can be used. It’s like shaking hands is simple and easy for beginners.

  • Pen hold grip

This is hard for beginners unless you are an Asian as they use it the most. As the name suggests, this type of grip is similar to holding a pen, and the paddle is faced down.

  • Flared handle

The blade rests in your hands as the flared handle has a gravity center that is nearer to the hand holding it. They tend to be head weighted. For players who prefer to grasp the paddle loosely and favor the forehand, the flared handle is a perfect choice.

  • Straight handle

Straight handles are more balanced at the handle. The optimum option for backhand players is the straight handle.

Game style

People who want to get ping pong paddles can ignore this factor. But players who play in recreational matches need to know this.

  • Offensive

For players who like to attack spin shots and prefer the aggressive type of game style, then heavy ping pong paddles will work. Ping pong paddles that are great for spin and control are ideal as they aid in forehanded play.

  • Defensive

How to know if you are a defensive player? If you just want to return shots without missing them then you most likely will be this type of player. To ensure that having control and speed is a factor that is a requirement in ping pong paddles.

  • Control play

Control-type players prefer accuracy and consistency of shots. Preferably, a light ping pong paddle under 90 grams with high spin and speed is the best for them.

Blade material

This is the racket’s wood part and the composition may include carbon or nylon. When examining the layers of a table tennis paddle, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is how many layers there are in the blade and the second paddle blade’s structure.

The structure of the ping pong paddle should have a minimum of 5-ply wood construction. This demonstrates the paddle’s sturdy foundation. The paddle becomes stiff as the plies increase.

Speed is directly influenced by the blades; the speed of the paddle will increase with its thickness. Weight is determined by the number of layers, so lots of layers might be a problem for a defensive player.


There are two types of rubber and they differ according to the shape and position of pimples on the racket’s head:

Table Tennis Rubber

  • Inverted rubbers

Inverted rubbers have pimples facing down so you get an aligned surface area. It has further two types; Tacky rubber and Anti-spin rubber. Having a tacky rubber enables spin and extra grip on the ball. In contrast to that, an anti-spin rubber cancels the spin shots without having the ability to give one. Professional defensive players go for anti-spin rubber as it slows down attacks.

  • Pimps rubbers

You might have noticed a rough head of a ping pong paddle, that is pimpled rubber which may be of two types. One is short pimples which are great for smash shots and counterattack shots. The other type is long pimples and they work best for spin and control.

Final Words:

We believe you find this review of the best table tennis racket under $50 useful and informative. You can trust us as we have been playing table tennis for 14 years, and we help professionals as well as beginners. A quick tip for beginners is that players who prefer defensive play mode should go for a light ping pong paddle whereas offensive players would like heavier ones.

All in all, here are our top three favorite picks that are of optimal weight and will sit every beginner:

  • Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for control: The first place goes to Killerjet black combo as its design and performance ticked all you need under a budget. The design enhances confidence plus the performance increases skills.
  • STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for lightweight: Secondly, we have the STIGA titan ping pong paddle which makes swinging faster and easier. Along with that, the rubber is ITTF-approved so it is great for practicing as beginners.
  • JOOLA Infinity Edge Ping Pong Paddle-Best ping pong paddle under $50 for professionals: Thirdly, JOOLA infinity edge can increase your skill level easily. Thanks to the Micron rubber and 7 Ply-wood blade, you get increased speed and spin.


  1. Can you get a professional ping pong paddle for under $50?

Yes, you can go for JOOLA Infinity Edge Ping Pong Paddle or STIGA Advance Table Tennis Racket.

  1. How to make sure that your table tennis racket is well-maintained?

Cleaning and keeping the paddle in a case will help with its longevity. Also, there is a proper way to clean the paddle so be careful and treat it with care.

  1. What is the estimated lifespan of the table tennis paddle and when should I replace it?

There’s no need to change your ping pong paddle unless it breaks. However, we recommend changing rubber every week if you are competing and playing regularly. For occasional players, you can change rubber for 5 months. Just change it if you see visible damage.

The blade can last for two years but you can change the blade when you find it affordable. Unlike rubber, it’s not crucial to change the blade as often as rubber.

  1. Is it worth it to get a ping pong paddle for under $50?

You can get a quality ping pong paddle for under $50. You can use it for beginners, family plays, or leisure games as a professional.

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