Best Table Tennis Players of All Time in the World

Table tennis is one of the most widely played games and is professionally recognized by the world support organization. Apart from its physical and mental benefits, table tennis has now become more of a money-making sport attracting a huge amount of audience and a center point of attraction for the sponsoring companies.

Since the beginning when table tennis was well-known by the name ping pong and was played only for recreational purposes, this game had gained huge popularity among the public. With the advancement in types of equipment manufacturing and expertise, table tennis is known to be one of the most expensive games in terms of sponsors. Also, check the Best Ping Pong Paddle Cleaners.

It’s been researched that from the beginning of ping-pong till now when table tennis is officially recognized, more than 300 million sports personnel have been found to be indulged in this game from all the parts of the world. Although Table Tennis is well-known worldwide, yet this game had gained huge success in China, and Chinese players are known to be the best players in the world. Chinese players including both men and women are now ruling the table tennis world achieving the highest rankings. Also, check the Best Table Tennis Shoes.

Not only in official National and International tournaments, but Table tennis is also even played in sports clubs, schools, colleges, universities, and inter-cities competitions.

Best Table Tennis players around the world:

After an in-depth study of the table tennis players, this is almost the next to impossible task to filter out the best players because each and every player has their own uniqueness and huge fan following. However, Chinese players are well recognized to be the most professional ones leaving their fans with a breathtaking aura of excitement whenever they are being played on air. Also, check the Table Tennis Tips.

However, after my years of study and passionate interest in Table Tennis, I have listed down some of the best players renowned in the official world ranking and those who are on my favorites list.

So, grab your cup of tea and have a look at how immensely talented table tennis players we have across the world and how they have been winning the hearts of their fans and followers using their unique tricks and immensely talented skills:

1– Top-ranked table tennis player – Ma Long:

As mentioned earlier, Chinese players have gained the most popularity and fan following as compared to others. Ma Long is known to be the best table tennis player and had outperformed all other table tennis experts and medal winners making back-to-back outclass scoring track.
His accomplishments started gaining recognition when he won two gold medals one in 2016 and the other in 2020. Not only this, he is known to be the best in singles and doubles. In three singles he had won World Championships back in the years 2015,2017 and 2019. After that, he outperformed the doubles in 2011 and 2019 when he won the World Championships in doubles.

Ma Long is considered the pioneer of various gripping techniques and with consistent practice, he had achieved a higher level of expertise leading him always a step ahead of other players.Ma Long

2- Second-Ranked Table Tennis Player- Jan Ove-Waldner: 

Jan Ove Waldner, commonly known as Waldner was considered to be at the top of the ranking until Ma Long takes his place. But the fans of Waldner had always been passionate about him whenever he is on the battlefield they support him no matter what.

The popularity and fan following of Walder were at their peak when he won TT grand slam. He was the first-ever table tennis player to complete TT. Considering his age of 56 years, he is mentally and physically fit and a legend of the Table Tennis World. Also, read the How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle?

Jan Ove originally belongs to Sweden but his Table Tennis practice tenure had been in China and most people know him as a Chinese player. The reason why Waldner had gained such marvelous repute in the sports industry is his excellency in the serving techniques and his long-duration stay in the rally. According to the International Table Tennis Federation, it is said that Waldner is famous for his muscles and brain connection with his table tennis equipment. His unique art of serving technique where he skillfully confuses the opponent by serving from different techniques and angles is incomparable to any other player.

According to one of his die-hard fans. It has been said that the audience enjoys his strokes and moves as if they are actually playing themselves.Jan Ove-Waldner

3- Historical Table tennis Legend- Liu Guoliang:

As the name indicates, Lui belongs to china, was born and brought up in china learning the best table tennis skills from his childhood. From the year of his birth 1976 till today at the age of 45, he had won the medal for the world’s second table tennis player who had attained a grand slam. Also, read the Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

At the age of 27, Liu Gualiang was given the opportunity to coach the national team of Chinese men and he proved himself in this role as well. During the years when the Chinese men’s team was under the coaching of Liu Gualiang, china had won all the National Tournaments of Table Tennis and was awarded as one of the best coaches of Table Tennis National Teams. Liu Gualiang had given rise to Table Tennis legends like Ma Lin and wang hao under his supervision.

China had won the best singles team award during the period of Liu Guoliang’s coaching making the whole of china proud of him. 

Liu Guoliang

4- Fourth Best Table Tennis Player- Deng Yaping:

At number four on the world’s best Table Tennis Players list, you will be pleased to know that the fourth-best player who had achieved several medals and awards in the history of Table Tennis was a Chinese female player named Deng Yaping. Interestingly, when she initially joined Table Tennis, despite her immense talent, she was rejected to play at National Level by the Table Tennis Federation due to her short height but she never lost her hopes and continued working, even more, harder to prove herself in the local area teams of Table Tennis.

Slowly and steadily, with her remarkable skills, she was finally appointed to the Chinese women’s National Table Tennis Team in the year 1988 where she did not disappoint the audience and won her first women’s Table Tennis Championship award in doubles. Also, check the Height of the Table Tennis Net.

Furthermore, in the National Tournament of 1991, she won again the championship award of best singles player. 

Deng Yaping

5- Wang Liqin:

When it comes to discussing the ever-blooming legends of Table Tennis, Liqin’s name has always been on top. Born in 1978, Wang Liqin had spent his whole life mastering the skills of table tennis and surprising his fans. He is well-known for adopting different shots and gripping techniques while playing the match confusing his opponents.
Unlike other Table Tennis Players, Liqin was popular in changing the shots every now and then making it totally uncertain for the opponent to comprehend which side the ball will be directed to their side. Also, check the Best Ping Pong Robots.

Not only this, Liqin had changed more than 12 rackets during his whole table tennis tenure. His height was a plus point in his personality. Being 6.1’’ tall, he had a significant influence in striking the top-rated shots and strong grip.

After playing for 25 consistent months, he was chosen as the number 1 table tennis player by International Table Tennis Federation.

Wang Liqin

The list of Table Tennis Legends can go far beyond our imagination but here we will cover 10-15 best table tennis players. Apart from the above five, below are the names of some unforgettable Table Tennis legends whose names shall be always remembered by table tennis lovers:

  • Kong Linghui
  • Zhang Jike
  • Wang Nan
  • Wang Hao
  • Xu Xing
  • Zhang Yining

We receive a lot of queries from table tennis lovers on a daily basis which we love to answer. Below are some frequently asked queries:

1- As per world ranking, which table tennis player is ranked number 1?

It is very difficult to name a single player out of hundreds of legendary table tennis players but as per the ranking system, the best table tennis player is ranked on the basis of a number of scores. Fan Zhendong has been ranked at the top being scored 6900 points in his career.

2- Which country dominates having the best table tennis players?

Undoubtedly, China has immense table tennis players. Whether men or women, singles or doubles, Chinese players have always proved themselves that nobody can beat them in table tennis.

3- Who is the legend of table tennis?

Jan-Ove Waldner is one of the legendary players originating from Sweden. He is also thought of as a former legend in China because of his revolutionary work in the game.


Considering the above factors, Table Tennis had always been a rapidly growing sport all over the world. However, China had always dominated other countries due to its extremely talented coaching system and training programs.

Table tennis training in china is known for the special term ‘’Closed Training’’ where no outsider is allowed to enter and players are taught secret techniques to beat the toughest competition during the match. Also, read the Fun Facts About Table Tennis.
However, table tennis is a never-ending game where new and young players would keep highlighting new and different techniques.

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