Awesome Benefit of Playing Table Tennis/Ping Pong

Well! Table tennis, commonly known as pin pong, is famous and well known worldwide and has lots of benefits. At the same time, most people do not play the sport to benefit from playing ping pong but only for fun. Some people know that ping pong also has health benefits because it is a game of fast speed that can be a great tool to get into better shape. You might be amazed to think over how many calories you burn playing ping pong? You Can also check the History of Table Tennis.

Table Tennis is The World’s Best Brain Sport!

Renowned physician, psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr Daniel Amen

So table tennis is considered more fun and casual game compared to think of a more wanted and competitive in most people’s opinion. There is a lot to discuss when the benefits of table tennis come, so let’s look at them.

Health benefits of table tennis

You might think that:

Is table tennis a good exercise?

Is ping pong a good workout?

What are the physical benefits of playing table tennis?

So the simple answer to these questions is yes, as table tennis is a game that offers a variety of benefits for beginners to professional players.

Improved mental health

Among the tennis health benefits, improvement in mental health is of foremost importance, as experts doing and solving puzzles of different types improve the mental acuity. So if you involve yourself in solving the puzzles will be helpful to improve the brain’s sharpness. Similarly, playing ping pong at a fast speed will help improve and develop your brain’s mental level.

Active hand-eye coordination

If you want to be active in table tennis, you should hit the ball attentively, as this means that you should possess good eye and hand coordination. Even if you are a beginner and not good at first, the more you practice and play, the better your hand-eye coordination.

Improved hand-eye coordination

Less joint injuries

If you have some issues related to joints, ankles, back, and knee pains, table tennis will be a great workout and physical exercise for you. The sport will be helpful to enhance the strength in your arms and legs without being stressed in your joints, as can occur with any other type of game. Moreover, you will find yourself comfortable and eased in playing any other game as you have not got any other injuries if you were out of running.

Improvement in reflexes

The more you will play table tennis and do practice, the more you will improve your reflexes. The benefits of ping pong are many, and this is most effective and beneficial, as the game is fast-paced and is very helpful to improve the big and small muscle movements, thus enhancing the reflexes. This is the muscle movement that permits you to rest before you think, which will help you in moving forward and be great to do other exercises as well. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Paddles.

Improvement in cognitive development

Table tennis game is helpful to improve motor and cognitive skills, as significantly proved by science. Moreover, the game is a healthy source to improve and increase blood circulation to the brain. This improvement will be helpful in more clear thinking, but it can be a better way to get rid of dementia and Alzheimer’s illness.

The best exercise to lose weight

If you want to burn additional calories and lose weight, physical activity will be a good solution. You might see that game of table tennis cannot burn calories in your body, but this is the wrong concept. You Can also check the How to Serve in Ping Pong?

For instance, a person with 150 pounds can quickly burn 272 calories by just playing table tennis for two days consecutively. So it is an excellent way to burn your calories and have a lot of fun.benefits-of-table-tennis-lose-weight

Overall coordination

Ping pong is a sport that improves eye-hand coordination and good exercise to get good overall coordination. While playing this game, you constantly examine the ball and follow its path hitting you, so you want to have coordination in return. You may not be not too expert in the initial stage, but you will notice an excellent level of coordination while you do hands-on practice in everyday life.

Brain stimulation

You might think that what are two benefits of practicing a sport?

So there are two tennis health benefits, like stimulating your brain and aerobic exercise, that you can get from table tennis. For the stimulation of your brain, you have to foresight the opponent’s shots, which you can do with the prefrontal cortex which will allow you to plan and move strategically. You Can Also check the Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin.

With the game of table tennis, it will be helpful to stimulate the hippocampus, as this is the portion of your brain that helps you learn things and retain your learned lessons in the past; this will improve your memory.

Improvement in balance

You should have practiced a lot to improve your game’s balance. The more you repeat, the better balance you can able to get. You should change the directions while playing in the game at frequent intervals, as for that purpose, the required balance is essential.Improved in balance

Have new friends

Playing any sport is a significant opportunity to contact people and make new friends. Whether you are playing with a local community or with your friends, you can get an excellent chance to bond with different types of people, as this is a great way to make new solid relationships and come in contact with old friends and people. The game will give you a chance to learn new things and skills.Make new friends

Why play ping pong?

For all benefits stated above, it is clear that tennis has many health benefits. One of the most crucial benefits of ping pong is playing it at home with some spare time. You Can also check the Best Table Tennis Rubbers.

Therefore, if you plan to play table tennis, it will be an excellent way to improve your mental and physical health. It will be proved to be more fun than a game.Benefit of Playing Table Tennis


So to wrap up the post of benefits of table tennis, they are many as discussed above. These include losing weight and fitting in your other outdoor activities, as it is the world’s best brain sport. Moreover, it increases alertness and concentration, develops critical thinking skills, offers aerobic exercise, stimulates brain functioning, and provides social and recreational interaction for all. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Paddle Case.

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