Top Table Tennis Brands That Are Preferred by Pros

There are over twenty table tennis brands and each has its unique twist. As someone who’s been playing table tennis since childhood, there are a fair number of brands I’ve tried. Table tennis brands provide you with rackets, rubbers, blades, balls, shirts, shoes, and other sports equipment.

You will see many brands from countries like China, Japan, Sweden, and Korea. That is because these countries play table tennis the most and have the majority of players. Knowing which brand is most genuine and has a high warranty can simplify your budget. That being said, let’s give you top table tennis brands and lesser-known table tennis brands as well!

1. Double happiness (DHS)

The DHS is the largest producer of table tennis equipment in China. It was founded in 1959, in Shanghai, China. Being a top Chinese table tennis brand, Double happiness prioritizes quality. Also, the Chinese national team usually gets products from DHS. I recommend trying DHS Hurricane Long 5 to find out the performance of the brand’s rackets.


You get a wide variety of blades that have the highest quality in comparison to others. When it comes to table tennis racket blades, it offers unmatched quality. There are also other items available like tables, balls, rubbers, and apparel.

Warranty and Players

Many Chinese professional players like Xu Xin, Ma Long, Wang Manguy, and LinGaoyuan use rackets and balls from this brand. But unlike other table tennis brands the products of DHS have no warranty.

Who is it for? Anyone can find a suitable paddle from the DHS table tennis brand. Beginners and professionals can get products at an affordable cost.


Players who are from Germany must be familiar with the best professional brand called JOOLA. It was founded in 1952 and has been a supplier of products to many other countries.


Although the brand provides blades, rubbers, and balls, they are best known for its tables. JOOLA has been the official table of the Olympics for three years. The good thing about JOOLA is that they are always improving and taking consumer reviews for advanced technologies.

Warranty and Players

Most of the products of JOOLA have warranties of 1 and 2 years but there are some with less or no warranty. Quadri Aruna, Mattias Flack, Sabine Winter, Hitmo Sato, and Bastian Steger are professional table tennis players who use this.

Who is it for? Players who need tables for table tennis can get a high-quality and ready-made table from JOOLA. They also provided rackets and balls for recreational players.

3. Stiga

Next is the Sweden brand Stiga which was made in 1934 by Stig Hjelmquist. This brand came onto the scene in 1944 for table tennis equipment. It is one of the oldest table tennis brands.


For inventive rackets, you should get STIGA. They produced rackets with Cybershape to improve the skills of players. Aside from table tennis, they are winning at producing other sports equipment with favorable results.

Warranty and Players

Many players have used STIGA and some of them are Truls Möregårdh, Xu Xin, Cheng I-Ching, and Stina Källberg. Some products have only a 30 or 60 days warranty. The maximum warranty is 90 days for high-quality rackets or tables.

Who is it for? This brand is a great option for intermediate table tennis players. The STIGA brand is also known for its durable table tennis balls.

4. Andro

Another top Germany Brand is Andro which was founded in 1970 by a mixture of two separate companies. You get all types of innovative table tennis equipment at an affordable cost from this brand. I was impressed with the blades of Andros models like the Treiber line and the Novacell line.


They constantly conduct research and create fresh ideas to enhance their tools to give players a competitive edge. You can try their rubber series Hexer and Rasant for understanding the products.

Warranty and Players

It is sponsored by many different players from a variety of countries like France, India, and Germany. The players are Sharat Kamal Achanta, Simon Gauzy, and Kilian Ort. There is no product warranty from this brand.

Who is it for? Players who like experimenting with new styles will love this brand.

5. Killerspin

Killerspin was founded in 2001 in Chicago by Robert Blackwell Jr. This is an American brand that is best for producing balls, paddles, and tables. Many US competitions or events of table tennis are held by Killerspin. Players who are looking for a one-stop shop for table tennis equipment can trust Killerspin to provide it all.


The rubbers like Nirix 4-Z, Fortissimo, and Jet 800 are its most renowned products. You should try the Diamond CQ blade as well for balanced speed and control.

Warranty and Players

Although it does not sponsor players, the quality is something all beginners and pros should try. It does offer a 30-day or 60-day warranty depending on the type of product.

Who is it for? Beginners can opt for the budget-friendly Killerspin JET-400. For versatility in products try this.

6. Butterfly

It came onto the scene in 1950 and was founded in Yanai city, Japan. You can get all types of table tennis accessories and essentials from them. It has one of the most expensive rubbers on the market.


When it comes to authenticity, the Butterfly brand wins. Many worldwide championships like Asia and Europe have used their products. Plus, ITTF Pro tour finals have also gotten tables from Butterfly.

Warranty and Players

You get a 30 or 60-day warranty for rackets and balls. The tables have a warranty for three years. They sponsor players from China, Taiwan, and Japan. Some of them are Cheng Meng, Fan Zhendong, Lin Yun-Ju, and Jun Mizutani.

Who is it for? Their rackets are for players who prefer a hybrid playing style with both defense and attack skills.

7. Donic

It is a German brand that was made in the 80s. It has been thriving since then and has produced various high-quality rubber with innovative features.


Every player should try the Donic Bluefire rubber line once. Their tables are also durable and ideal for all types of players. You also get amazing blades and shoes for table tennis.

Warranty and Players

Their maximum warranty period for some items is two years. Additionally, it is used by elite players of Germany like  Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Jan-Ove Waldner, and Jörgen Persson. From Taiwan Chuang Chih-Yuan also uses Donic products.

Who is it for? Players who prefer experimenting with different rubbers will find the Donic brand appealing.


One of the best South Korean table tennis brands is XIOM. It was founded in 1976 but gained popularity for its rubbers in 2007. Their sponge hardness in rubbers is a unique feature many players find useful.


The Omega, Vega, and Sigma are rubber series that work for beginners and professionals. All these rubber uses “Carbo Black Sponge” which is a unique feature introduced by XIOM.

Warranty and Players

Although there is no warranty, it is used by many pros like Jeoung Youngshik, Georgina Pita, and Chen Chein.

Who is it for? They provide rubbers, blades, shoes, shirts, and other stuff. You can also get durable table tennis balls with ideal bounce.

9. Tibhar

Tibhar is a Slovenian brand founded in 1969 by a popular table tennis coach, Harangozo. People in Europe and Asia love its shoes and blades. Some world-class players have used this and the brand is growing in table tennis communities.


Most of the blades are intended for the forgiveness of beginners. Plus, it has one of the fastest blades ever. Pros can use its Tibhar CCA 7 blade for speedy shots. Aside from that, their rackets have a hard feel that can provide powerful and speedy strokes.

Warranty and Players

Emmanuel Lebesson, Vladimir Samsonov, and Tomislav Pocuar are well-known players. The products have no warranty but have high quality regardless.

Who is it for? Beginners who are contemplating whether to join table tennis fever or not should start from its blades.

10. Cornilleau

Cornilleau is a French brand that started making table tennis tables in 1946. After sponsoring many competitions for 30 years they are the most well-known European brands present.


They are the largest European Table Tennis Table manufacturers. I recommend this brand for outdoor tables, instead of blades and rubbers.

Warranty and Players

For outdoor products, you can get a ten-year warranty but indoor has a 3-year warranty. There are many players sponsored by Cornilleau, some of them are; Simon Gauzy, Alvaro Robles, Daniela Dodean, and many more.

Who is it for? If you want a bard with a long-term warranty then Cornilleau serves best. Their tables are the best ones and last longer than regular inexpensive tables.

11. Yasaka

As the name shows this is a Japanese brand and it was made in 1947. But their blades are made in Germany instead of Japan.


Try the Yasaka Mark V rubber for knowing the quality of the brand. Ma Lin played with this rubber to win three gold medals in table tennis tournaments. I also recommend trying Rakza 7 blade for versatile performance.

Warranty and Players

The products do not come with a warranty but as it grows we may see some sort of short-term warranty. And Mattias Falck is one of the players who use this brand.

Who is it for? Pros who want a revolutionized rubber can try the brand’s rubbers to find out if it suits them or not.

12. Friendship 729

Another Chinese brand is 729, also known as Friendship. It manufactured equipment in 1972 and has been growing as a supplier since then. I recommend their table tennis balls or shoes instead of rubbers or blades.


Friendship’s table tennis shoes offer feather-like performance in all sizes of feet. Furthermore, the blades and rubber work best for providing powerful shots. Beginners or casual players can try their budget-friendly table tennis items

Warranty and Players

Yan An sponsored this brand for some time, and now Feng Tianwei and Gao Ning sponsor Friendship. There is no specific warranty given by the manufacturers.

Who is it for? Players who want affordable and durable shoes, blades, rubbers, and tables can opt for this.

Other table tennis brands

Many famous brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma also produce table tennis products. But they aren’t well-known for table tennis as much as the top 12 discussed above. Aside from the top brands, here are some honorable mentions that deserve attention as well.


Palio is a Chinese brand known for tacky rubbers. Although it’s from China, I saw many professional players use Palio rubber Cj8000 and Palio Thor in Germany. You can also get high-quality tables and lightweight table tennis shoes from them. Palio is also known for the best bang for bucks value.


It is a European brand made by Dr. Matthias Neubauer who made the pimples-out table tennis rubbers. This brand is more popular with defensive table tennis players. Dr. Neubauer Super Block or Dr. Neubauer Scalpel are the types of rubber that go well with defensive players. You can also get blades that work alongside rubber to have optimum performance.


Gewo is a German brand made in 1956. They produce eco-friendly table tennis products and accessories. You can get their shoes and tables but I recommend trying blades and rubbers more. Try the GEWO Zoom Pro table tennis blade with the Nexxus line of rubbers for an amazing offensive game.


Nittaku is an authentic Japanese brand that has been on the scene since 1920. Their blades are popular with Japanese players, especially the Nittaku AP blade. You can try their table tennis balls for bounce and durable results. The Nittaku Fastarc line rubber is also praised.


Another new Japanese brand that emerged in 2011 is Victas. Koji Matsushita who is also a four-time Olympian competitor founded this brand. Before becoming Victas, it was called TSP in 1932. Now, they make shoes, rackets, blades, rubbers, and tables for table tennis. Defensive players should try Victas Koji Matsushita blade whereas I recommend Victas Koki Niwa for the offense.


One of the lesser-known brands from Sweden is Avalox. They have sponsored players like  Chen Weixing,  Par Gerrel, and  Lee Eun-Hee. The most popular collection of them is the Avalox P500 and P700 blade series. Personally, I prefer Avalox Ma Weng and Blue thunder blades more.


People who want outdoor and indoor table tennis tables should try Kettler ones. They are known for various equipment for fitness and bicycles. The Kettler’s Outdoor 10 table is the most famous table tennis item for the brand. You can also get ball dispensers, net and post sets, and protective covers.


Players who want to take table tennis as a hobby can try affordable Sponeta tables and items. Sponeta is a German-based brand that was founded in 1953 by Gerhard Klesper. We have not seen many professional players use their products but in the leisure sector, it’s thriving.


Sauer&Tröger are also good with defensive table tennis players. Bernd Sauer and Matthias Tröger, both former competitive table tennis players, founded the business in 2009. You can try their famous products like “Schmerz” (pain) rubber and pimple rubber Hellfire. They also manufacture blades and table tennis apparel.


That’s it! I hope you got the idea about all table tennis brands. You can never find the most ideal table tennis barn for you without trying multiple brands. Here is a takeaway for people who want brands due to selective reasons. This is just my experience, so take it with a pinch of salt!

Brands for competitions

  • Stiga
  • DHS
  • Killerspin

Brands for beginner or casual players

  • Butterfly
  • Donic
  • Andro

Brands for a limited budget

  • Yasaka
  • Palio
  • Nittaku


Which is the best table tennis brand for beginners?

Beginners should get affordable brands like Donic, Andro, or Tibhar. They have the best budget table tennis equipment for beginners.

What table tennis brand is the best for professional players?

For professionals, we recommend the highest quality brands like Killerspin, DHS, JOOLA, Stiga, and Butterfly.

Which table tennis brand has the longest product warranty?

In terms of warranty, Cornileau wins as it has the best terms and conditions when it comes to warranty. You get a 10-year warranty or a 3-year warranty depending on the products.

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