Best Table Tennis Rubbers of All Time – Buying Guide

Focusing merely on skills when playing table tennis is not enough if you want to be a professional player. You need to have the correct set of equipment as well and one of the essential parts of that is table tennis rubbers. There are various table tennis rubbers on the market, however, not everyone knows how to select them. Because of that, we have given you a buying guide on how to choose table tennis rubbers and select the best one. But even after that if you do not have time to surf the internet looking through hundreds of products, you can just select from our tested best table tennis rubbers. We found TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber best but you can read all reviews for a specific decision.

We have played table tennis for a few years now and had a hard time getting used to various rubbers. We were wondering why our paddles never gave accurate and powerful shots and then we changed the rubber. The best ping pong paddle rubber should have a thickness that provides speed and spin whenever needed. After changing the table tennis rubber we saw obvious improvement in our skills as well. Just read table tennis rubber reviews for finding the most suitable best rubber for your paddle. Therefore, don’t waste time and select from the best table tennis rubbers given below:

Comparison of 4 Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2023

Image Brands Speed Spin Size Best for Check Price on Amazon 
 TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber 12.5 12.0  ‎1.7-1.8 Best table tennis rubber for speed Check Price
DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber 12.0 12.0 2.15 Best table tennis rubber for affordability Check Price
 Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber 13.0 11.5 1.7,1.9,2.1 Best table tennis rubber for all-round performance Check Price
HS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber HS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber N/A N/A 2.0 Best table tennis rubber for spin Check Price

Top 4 Best Ping Pong Rubbers Reviews in 2023

1 TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber-Best table tennis rubber for speed

Best Table Tennis RubbersPlayers who like to play offensively will love this as this is great for giving fast shots.  The 1.7-1.8 mm size is perfect for topspin players. Also, the Red Power Sponge (RPS) technology helps in making paddle and ball contact more firm and powerful. Along with speed, it ensures maximum pressure for a spin as well. In its construction, the type of rubber top sheet is inverted rubber and the sponge used is medium-hard. You might have seen professional players use this rubber as it is the whole package. You Can also check the Best Table Tennis Shoes.

Players who use pips-out rubber may have difficulty adjusting to this rubber but it gets better once you get used to it. If you want a thicker rubber you can select different sizes as well. You get a rubber with more flexibility that strikes the ball with more energy. This is due to the precise adjustment of the pimple structure of the rubber.




  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎7.56 x 7.01 x 0.24 inches
  • Size: ‎1.7-1.8
  • Speed: 5
  • Spin: 0
  • Control: 0
What We Liked
  • High speed
  • Strikes spin attacks easily
  • Has features like ITTF-approved rubber
  • Accurately sized pimples geometry
  • Red Power Sponge technology
What We Didn’t Like
  • Less control
  • Falls apart due to weak glue

 TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber

Final words

We highly recommend this for mid-high level looping players. Keep in mind that the durability of this rubber is just average. Plus as this has extra speed and spin, it falls short on the control factor. So, do not get this if you are a beginner. But if you are a professional you will get the most out of it.

2 DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber-Best table tennis rubber for affordability

Best Table Tennis RubbersDHS NEO Hurricane 3 features an inverted rubber style at a reasonable cost. Special stickiness is in this rubber that can help players score more by creating a solid and high-speed trajectory. NEO Hurricane 3 has a quick loop with a low speed, a changeable curve, and a greater spin. The construction utilizes Hurricane 3 rubber and NEO sponge, giving an amazing performance. You Can also check the Best Table Tennis Net.

Furthermore, as this is manufactured in China it has tacky rubber with a hard sponge. All these factors serve best for topspin table tennis attacks. Aside from offense, as the pips are inverted inwards you get improvement in the defensive style of playing as well. When we used this it was easier to make strong loops without much effort. Also, we could not play backhand style so this is recommended for forehand players. Aside from that, this rubber allowed shots to be bolder while attacking with loops on the forehand.




  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Dimensions: 05 x 6.54 x 0.2 inches
  • Size: ‎2.15
  • Speed:0
  • Spin:0
What We Liked
  • Tacky
  • Great spin
  • Budget-friendly
  • Amazing for strong loops
  • Ideal for forehand spin shots
What We Didn’t Like
  • Heavy rubber
  • Not everyone likes tackiness

DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber

Final words

All in all, this rubber is great for players who like high-speed matches. As it is heavy and tacky, it might be hard to play for some players. If you can handle tackiness then this is for you. Also, we love its durability. The rubber sticks perfectly on the ping pong paddle and does not come off. Another thing is that it’s cheaper than other table tennis rubbers but performs better than them.


3 Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber-Best table tennis rubber for all-round performance

Best Table Tennis RubbersOne of the most advanced rubbers on the list as it uses two technologies. The spring sponge and high tension technology provide speed and spin both at the same time. Whether you play near the table or far from the table you get consistent performance. Loopers can easily give powerful shots with accurate spins. We recommend using this with butterfly blades for maximum results. The best thing that spring sponge offers is spin shots. It’s an inverted rubber type with medium-hard sponge hardness. You Can also check the Best Outdoor & Indoor Ping Pong Tables.

We were hesitant at first as this was used by many worldwide table tennis champions, but even as intermediate players this was suitable. This sponge can generate high speeds and spin while keeping an outstanding grip. In addition to that, its ability to give speed and spin by maintaining tension throughout the rubber is useful. It’s also durable as we used this we felt no deformation and had powerful energy in sending the ball back. Keep in mind that it costs much more than regular table tennis rubbers but is worth it.




  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎7.87 x 6.85 x 0.08 inches
  • Size: 7,1.9,2.1
  • Speed: 0
  • Spin: 5
What We Liked
  • Spring sponge
  • High tension technology
  • Grippy top sheet
  • Ideal for offensive play
  • High spin
What We Didn’t Like
  • Very bouncy
  • Expensive

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber

Final words

Overall, its performance was promising for intermediate players and professionals. But it is too bouncy for beginners and you will not have control at all as a beginner. Everyone besides beginners can go for this. Plus another reason it’s not for beginners is that it is expensive but as intermediate players, it’s worth the try as it will improve your game.

4 DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber-Best table tennis rubber for spin

Best Table Tennis RubbersDHS PF4 table tennis rubber is a pimples-in type of rubber. For quick attacks with loops, this has appropriate features. On hardness degree, it is quite high at 39 degrees which means this gives high control at low speed. Also, check the How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle?

We found out that PF4 is excellent in the short games as well because the ball is constantly low on the chop. Additionally, If you spend most of your time near the table, PF4 is a great option as it absorbs the opponent’s spin. But keep in mind that it’s not best for hitting topspin ball dips due to the low arc. This is made for hitting 40+ ping pong balls. Furthermore, it has a new surface technology and a unique glue between the rubber and sponge to boost speed without sacrificing spin. Strong chops and rapid topspins can be given effortlessly by using this all-around rubber.




  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 7.13 x 0.28 inches
  • Size: 0
What We Liked
  • Reasonable price
  • Good spin
  • Great control
  • Great for aggressive plays
  • Used by professionals
What We Didn’t Like
  • Too sticky
  • Smells weird

Final words

To sum it up, this is great if you prefer stickiness, it is so sticky that it’s hard to get it out of the cover. Not everyone loves stickiness as it is hard to clean so if you do not like it, it’s not for you. But aside from that, its stickiness is great for blocking spin shots even from a skilled player. You get the most out of its cheap cost but beware of the smell.

Buying Guide:-

When getting a ping pong paddle you normally see its blades and style but rubber and sponge are also important. The rubber on your paddle will get worn out in a few months. So you need to have enough knowledge on ping pong paddles rubber to get a new one. Or else it is hard to get the best table tennis racket rubber. Fret not, we have also given information on how rubber helps in the improvement of the game and what features you need to look for when getting one.

What is a table tennis rubber?

The “material” that coats both sides of your paddle is called rubber. The rubber gives various levels of ball grip. If you want to compete or play in tournaments, you’ll need to use rubber that has been authorized by the IITF. Today table tennis rubbers refer to the sponge and rubber top sheet combo. They usually come pre-glued together, but you may buy the glue separately too. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Robots.

One paddle side must have red rubber and the other black rubber to ensure the needed consistency within the sport. Top players combine offensive and defensive techniques in their games by using both sides of the rubber.

Features you Need to Consider:

As of now you know what table tennis rubbers are, let’s get into the features you need to see when getting them.

  • Parts of rubber

There are two parts of rubber; one is the inner part which is a sponge and the other is an outer part called the top sheet.

  • The sponge:

When you see the degree of hardness in rubber it’s the property of the sponge and the size of the rubber also is the size of the sponge.

  • Hardness:

A hard sponge is best for giving a high spin at high speed whereas a soft sponge gives a high spin on low-speed shots. The degree of hardness in the sponge indicates that; 47.5-60 means high speed and low control, 42-47 gives speed, spin, and control, and 37.5-41 gives control at low speed.

  • Thickness:

In rubber, the thickness is determined by the rubber and the sponge’s size. Thicker table tennis rubber is best for offensive players. The size of rubber such as less than 1.5mm is best for defensive players whereas a thickness of 2mm and more means topspin powerful attacks. To have all-around performance, go for 1.5 mm-1.9 mm.

  • Speed, spin, and control:

Thicker sponge gives more speed, spin, and energy. Thin rubber is best for less spin and more control.

  • Top sheet:

The top sheet has various types that are given in detail and they are in black or red color most commonly. The top sheet has pimples that are known as pips-in or pips-out and come in long or short or medium sizes.

Ping Pong Rubber types

There are three table tennis rubber types, and we have given you a brief description of each:

  • Inverted rubber:

Inverted rubber type is the most common and most beginner-friendly rubber type of all. In this, all of the pimples of rubber are pointed inwards so the ball hits a flat surface of the paddle.

  • Pips-out rubber:

As the name shows, in this, the pimples are pointed in an outward direction. These are never recommended for novices. Another thing about these types is that there are either long pips-out rubber or short pips-out rubber. Short pips-out rubber is great for defense whereas long pips-out rubbers generate amazing spin. You can easily utilize spin techniques using this type that’s why only professionals use it.

  • Anti-spin rubber:

Anti-spin rubbers feature a slick surface that decreases friction and no spin. It does have a tendency to reverse the spin. If a player hits a topspin shot, returning it with an anti-spin rubber will result in a backspin. The ideal combination of anti-spin rubber is a soft sponge.

  • Tacky rubber:

Tacky rubber

Have you ever seen sticky rubber on a ping pong paddle? That’s most likely a tacky rubber type. These get worn out much more quickly but provide amazing spin to the ball due to the excessive sticky surface.

  • Professional rubber:

Rubbers that are ITTF-approved are used by professional players. The requirement of ITTF-approved includes having one black-colored side and one red-colored side. Also, the thickness of the sponge should not exceed 4mm. They usually have an ITTF-approved logo on them which makes it easy to pick them out. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Paddle Case.

  • Forehand and backhand rubber:

This is for expert table tennis players who use forehand and backhand techniques. Usually, we recommend having soft rubber to hit backhand shots and hard rubber for hitting forehand shots.


There is a variety of rubbers and prices range from 20 to 100 dollars. You can choose cheap table tennis rubber or expensive ones as you please. Usually, professionals should invest in expensive table tennis rubbers as they last longer than inexpensive ones.

Final Words:-

It can be frustrating if you have a low-quality rubber and that can be a hindrance to your improvement as well. So make sure you get the right one or choose from the high-quality ping pong paddle rubbers that are given above. Beginner players should consider a comfortable blad as well, whereas professionals could make sure they get ITTF-approved rubbers for maximum outcome. We tested many and had an impressive performance from them all.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers


  1. How to make sure my ping pong paddle rubber lasts long?

Clean it after every few hours of play with a certified table tennis rubber cleaner and sponge. Make sure you do not expose it to dirt frequently. Maintain it nicely and make sure to never scrub harshly on the rubber surface when it’s dirty.

  1. Which table tennis rubber is best for these categories separately; speed, spin, and control?

Best for a spin is DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber; Best for control is DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber and Best for speed is TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber.

  1. Do different rubber colors on each side of the ping pong paddle mean anything?

Usually, they have a little to no difference but sometimes black is used to generate spin whereas red gives speed.

  1. Is the blade more important than rubber when getting a ping pong paddle?

The rubber is more necessary than the blade. While rubber has a greater overall impact on the game, proper blade characteristics guarantee that the player’s real power is accomplished. As long as you get a blade that is reasonably in line with your preferred pace and weight.

  1. What Types of Rubber Are Used in Ping Pong?

Inverted rubbers or pips-in are most commonly used, smooth is another name for them. Short pips, medium pips, long pips, and anti-spin are all also less common types of table tennis rubbers.

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