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Service is basic in Table tennis games which a player or beginner of a Table Tennis game must know. Many people may believe that delivering the ball is very important in the game, whether in smash style or simply delivering it. A good service can help you get or win 1st point in a few seconds.

A player having reasonable control over the ball must know where you want to serve the ball or want to play the ball. The ball’s direction, speed, and height would depend on the Table Tennis player. A good player must concentrate on opponent servicing, defending, or response. The best player must now defend handling of the ball and serve the ball in a way that can’t be read or understood by the defendant and make him provide you point on his missing shot.

How to Serve in Table Tennis:

The ball’s grip and playing style are also essential to serve or delivering the ball in different or douching styles; many ways or different styles of serving the ball will help gain points. Though basic rules of serving in ping pong, the ball can never change. Everyone playing table tennis must follow the rules set by International Table Tennis Federation. A good serve remains you ahead of your opponent and probe him to provide your point at no choice.

1: Start to serve the ball

Assure hold the ball flat in the palm of your hand and confirm that your hand would be above the Table Tennis table. The International Table Tennis Federation rules are that your opponent must see the ball all-time in your hand in a flat position. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Paddle.

It is not to understand that your position cannot be any form of trickery. You may make your position to douche your opponent through your body style. Some top players hold their racket behind their body or in such a style that will confuse the defendant and make him mistake to produce points for you.Flat hand with the ball in your palm

2: Planning the serve

Plane your service in a way that deceives your fortes and edge on your opponent’s weaknesses.

Hold racket in pen hold grip, hit the ball to opponent’s backhand side or make him uncomfortable to defend the ball.

Hold the racket in shake-hand style and hit the ball to the defendant’s backhand side or closer to his body while defending the ball. You Can also check the History of Table Tennis.

Your opponent may be playing very close to the table tennis table and then hit the ball backhand to him or closer to his body, making him uncomfort to defend the ball and ultimately producing you a point.

Uncertainty if your opponent is playing far from the table, serve to ball slow, or do short service. Practically short service is prolonged and makes the defendant attack the ball quickly with high return efficiency.

planning the serving

3: The toss and strike

For New players or beginners, service a short toss-up – you have enough time to hit the ball or maybe the ball missed by you, which gives you an edge. Wait for the ball to drop your side or hit the ball with your racket. The ball must bounce on your side of the table one time before going toward the net and bounce on the opponent’s side of the table.The toss and strike

Tips on the table tennis serve

  1. Always watch the ball when you’re serving.
  2. Your wrist would be very relaxed for a maximum spin while servicing the ball. If the player is holding the racket in ‘shake hands’ or ‘Western-style, assure your three lower fingers are loosed and relaxed. This style would help you to serve good spin while servicing the ball.
  3. You don’t always need to win your service. It will help if you learn your opponent’s weakness while playing table tennis; that will help you win a point in a short time with the meager effort of the game. The first service should make the game defend the ball and prepare for the second shot. You Can also check the Best Table Tennis Rubbers.
  4. Good service makes the defendant confuse to defend the ball and makes you gain one point on it. While servicing, be assured that all rules and regulations applied by International Table Tennis Federation must be followed.


1. Why do serve in ping pong so weird?

The players try to hide and not reveal the motion of the paddle. In the opinion of the professionals, the players pay more attention to the motion of their opponent player’s paddle and the ball’s spin to place themselves for a return short.

2. Why do ping pong players serve with their heads?

The way to serve with the head is known as the face, or head serves. In this serving style, the player keeps the face or head as close to the racket as possible. Therefore it will be challenging to handle the service and predict for the players the ball trajectory as they can not see the racket from the opposite position.

3. Can a player serve with his face in ping pong?

If a player serves in table tennis with his face, it is a tricky serve. The server player can hide his ball with the arm, head, and shoulder, so hiding your face is not a good option.


So to conclude the article about how you serve in table tennis, the serving in table tennis comes in different styles and ways, as the service is the most vital stroke in ping pong. The table tennis sport starts with the serve rally and needs practice whether you are a beginner or a professional player.

Therefore, the points in which there are great chances to win lie in the serving styles and can be a difference between victory and losing the match. You Can also check the Best Ping Pong Robots.

How to Serve in Ping Pong?

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