How to Keep Score in Ping Pong? – The Best way

How to keep score in ping pong

While playing table tennis, you can create your own rules and regulations in the way you want. But when playing under ITTF rules, you should know how to keep score correctly. You can ask your empire to make sure that your empire is keeping the correct record of all the players.

So if you want to know how to keep score in ping pong, keep reading this valuable post.

How to Keep Score in Ping Pong

Scoring in Table Tennis Before the Match Starts

You should have the match score sheet and pen or pencil to write the players’ scores. It would help if you did not wait till the match ends to keep the record of scores. The score sheet will help you out that you are playing with the correct opponent and on the right side.

You should also monitor whether the match is of 5 to 7 games, as this is the most common number for which the match is played, but you can use any odd number for ease.

Go for the toss to decide who will serve first and which player will start from which end. Most professional empires use the colorful disc to do the toss, but you can use a coin. Also, read the Best Table Tennis Players.

Another common toss method is to roll the ball on the center of the table towards you and allow t to fall on the end line. Then catch the ball with both hands and spread your arms with both hands under the table.

Your opponent will then guess in which hand is the ball. If his guess is right, he will serve first; if he guesses wrong, you will serve first. Note down on the score sheet which player will serve first in the first match.

How to Keep Score in Ping Pong?

Keeping Score in Ping Pong During the Match

When the server serves first, the match will start from 0-0. Each player will do the services to get two points in a row; after this, another player will do the servicing. You are not offered to give to serve away and opt to receive each time, even if both players agree to do it.

For a legal serve, you must follow the rules and hit the ball so that it should touch your side of the table tennis. The ball will bounce over or around the net and touches your opponent’s side, and a serve that touches the net and touches your side and then your opponent’s side is known as let serve. Also, check the Table Tennis Stance.

This service must be played again with no charge of the score, as there is no limit on how many serves you can go for.

How to Score Ping Pong in Double Playing

If you are playing ping pong in doubles, you should serve diagonally so that it should bounce in the right hand first of your side of the table, then goes to the net, and then bounce on the right side of your opponent across the table.

Your opponent will then try to return the ball around or over the net, so it should bounce right side of your table. If he cannot do so, you will get the point. While if he does, you will hit the ball around or over the net, so it should bounce on his side of the table. If you cannot do so, you will win the point. Also, check the Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

The game will continue this way until either your opponent or you cannot legally return the ball, in which case the other player will get the point. In a double-playing game, every player takes their turn to hit the ball. First, the server will hit the ball, then it will be the turn of the receiver, then the receiver partner, and after this, the server again. Also, read the Ping Pong Table Dimensions.

When the player hits the ball when it’s not his turn, legally, his team will lose the score.

How to Keep Score in Ping Pong?

How to Keep Score in Table Tennis for Beginners?

The beginners can keep score in table tennis by establishing with their opponent whether they will play for 12 to 21 points when the game stars give you one point for every time their opponent misses a ball that they hit last or served.

How Many Points do you Play in Ping Pong?

Nowadays, a game of ping pong is played for up to 11 points. The winner is the pair or player who first scores 11 points, and until both players or pairs score up to 10 points, known as a deuce. Then the first player will win the game with a two-point lead.

Can you Score on a Serve in Ping Pong?

When your opponent fails to hit the table tennis ball, you hit last or served; you will get one point in the game. So it is clear that a team only scores when serving. The receiving team or pair of players cannot get the score points. Players in the serving team can continue to do serving until their team makes a mistake. Also, read the Replace Table Tennis Rubber.

Ping Pong

How Many Serve in Ping Pong?

In table tennis, each player can do 2 serves, which changes until one of the players scores 11 points, unless there is a deuce, 10:10. In this case, each player will get only one service, alternating until one of the players gets the lead of two points.

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