How to Play Smash in Table Tennis – Forehand & Backhand

Ping pong smash is one of the basic skills and techniques that every player should learn to win the point and is considered an essential ping pong technique. So if you want to improve your chances of winning shots in the coming events and tournaments, you must develop the smash in ping pong, whether backhand or forehand.

Disadvantages of table tennis

Every game has its advantages and disadvantages; table tennis, in addition to the advantages, has some disadvantages too.

Following are the disadvantages of ping pong

Two-player game

If you like to play with friends and groups of people, table tennis is not a sport. This game can be played with two players; if you want to play in pairs, there can’t be more than four players.

Possibly of blisters

In table tennis, holding the ping pong paddle for a long time can lead to blisters. Moreover, you can get blisters on your feet when you stand on the playing field for a long time.

It cannot play outside

Ping pong is a game f mostly indoors. You can set the table outside but when it is a matter of use with comfort and ease, playing outside is not a good option. This is because the table tennis ball is very light, and with the air force, it can go away from your playing area.

What is smash short

in ping pong, the smash is an offensive short shot from the high point and travels steeply toward your opponent. Table tennis has two types of smashes: backhand smash and forehand smash. Also, check the How To Hold A Ping Pong Paddle.

Backhand smash table tennis

Tennis backhand smash and table tennis backhand smash are somewhat similar. Like all the other shorts in table tennis, the most crucial one is to position your body and feet. First of all, you have to rotate your body sideways. The right hand should be behind the left foot for the right-handed players and vice versa. Make sure that the body weight should be transferred to your back foot, as this is essential for building potential energy for your next short. Also, read the Best Ping Pong Tables.


Backhand mash table tennis is no doubt exciting but needs practice. In the second step, swing your body backward when the ball bounces off the table. Simultaneously transfer the weight from your back foot to the back of your front foot. Your hips, shoulders, and waist will finish up the rotation by now, and your active playing arm will be ready to make striking the ball. Also, check the How To Seal Your Table Tennis Blade?

It is striking the ball at the top of the bounce or your shoulder height. You can also hit the ball when it bounces, for instance, when it rises just at the net’s height. However, this action will cause your opponent to react to your short because it will be a risky short to play.


When you play for your stroke and follow-through, the body weight should be moving forward before returning to the ready position. It would help if you remembered that try not to allow your racket to cross the middle of your body to recover from the movement faster.

Forehand smash tennis

The forehand smash in ping pong is the crucial stroke in the game and should be the component of every table tennis player’s arsenal. The stroke you can do when the ball bounces high above the net. The primary purpose of the smash is to strike fast and hard to force the opposing player when trying to finish and win a point far away from the table. Also, read the Table Tennis Injuries.

The forehand smash depends on the technique, timing, and accuracy to ensure that the ball will not miss the whole table. Your first forehand smash can be returned from your opponent with another lob, so you must do the various smashes one after the other.

How to spike in ping pong?

Spikes in ping pong are also known as slams that quickly help to win a point in a game. If spikes are correctly executed, they are hard to return, so it is better to cross-court for spikes to decrease your margin of error. It is also noticeable that it is not legal to volley the ball in table tennis as you can do in tennis.

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