How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber? -Full Detail Guide

Well! Once you know the paddle that fits your hand and playing style, you want to get the most out of it. Luckily many ping pong paddles are made specifically so the players can easily replace the rubbers in their paddles to get rid of damage and use them for a longer time.

So if you want to know how to replace table tennis rubber, we will walk through the essential details, so keep reading an informational blog.

The Equipment used for the Replacement of Rubber

Table tennis bat rubber replacement is not a hard job to do. First, you should have a ping pong paddle on which the rubber will be replaced. Some models of paddles do not come with the design to replace the rubbers and have permanent rubbers. So make sure that you have one with rubber that can be replaced easily before trying this. Also, read the How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle?

For the replacement of rubber, you will need:

  • New rubbers
  • Table tennis paddle rubber glue was designed especially for sticking the ping pong rubber
  • Sponge or applicator
  • A hard brayer or rolling pin
  • Utility knife or sharp knife or Table tennis rubber cutter

How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber

How will you Remove the old Rubber:

To remove the old rubber, gently peel off the rubber along the entire surface of the blade. Put even and gentle pressure. Use a peeling option instead of ripping motion with patience. Also, check the How to Play Table Tennis Double?

When you will remove the old rubber, check the blade to make sure that its surface is even and clean. You should remove the extra glue left over on the paddle by rubbing or scrubbing. Make the surface smooth with the soft sandpaper, although the severely damaged rubber should be replaced for must.

How to Apply the New Rubber

When you have made the blade clean and smooth, you are ready to go with the process of applying the new rubber to the paddle’s blade.

  • Apply the thin layer of glue with the utility knife on the back of the rubber
  • Use a brush, sponge or a credit card to ensure that the glue is evenly applied to the rubber. The coat of the glue on the surface of the rubber should be smooth and even
  • While applying the layer of glue on the blade, allow the rubber to sit properly on the surface of the rubber
  • Allow the time for the drying process of glue on both sides of the rubber until it should be tacky and get sticky to the texture but should not be too wet
  • On the blade, it will take 5 to 10 minutes but check the instruction manual that comes with the glue to know the maximum drying time
  • Line the bottom edge of the blade with the bottom edge of the rubber; if your rubber comes with the logo or design, it should be in the center of the bottom of the blade
  • Curl the top of the rubber from the surface of the rubber and press the bottom edge of the rubber and fix it in the place
  • On the blade surface, unroll the rubber slowly to prevent the air bubbles from forming
  • Press and smooth up the new rubber into the place
  • Smooth and even the new rubber with the rolling pin or brayer
  • Trim the edges of the new rubber with the craft knife to the edges of the blade
  • Repeat the same steps for the other side of the rubber
  • In the end, you can stick the table tennis edge tape to put on the edges of the blade smooth and give it an even and nice finish

How Often to Change Table Tennis Rubber:

If you are playing more than a daily routine, then an amount of degradation and damage is inevitable, and every player needs to remove the old one and replace it with the new one. You Can Also check the Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

How often to change table tennis rubber depends on lots of factors:

How much care your paddle:

Since cold heat, UV rays, dust, and debris can impact the life of the rubber.

How much you play:

This factor will define the wear and tear in your racquet rubber to be exposed over time.

Experience level:

The intermediate level players want to play with different brands of rubbers to check the best option.

Casual table tennis players used to replace their rubber once a year, and most frequent players remove and replace the rubber almost every season.

The rubber should be changed when it gets damaged, or performance hits for any reason.


How often should you replace your tennis racquet?

In most common cases, table tennis players need to replace their table tennis paddles once a year, but most frequently, they change their paddles every season.

How long does table tennis rubber last?

The softer the wood, the slower the blade and the faster it will have to change. So if you play table tennis frequently, the blade should last for one year or two. But an offensive blade will last longer, and a faster blade will last for many years.

How do you know if a ping pong paddle is good?

The rubbers are measured by two important factors, tackiness, and firmness. More tackiness and softer rubber produce more spins. So, opt for a tacky and soft rubber for more defensive and slower games. If you are a ferocious game with a fast-paced game, you should opt for more firm rubbers.

Summing up:

Removing your old rubber and replacing it with the new one allows you to keep your paddle in the right condition. The process is a great option to get the most value out of your gear and take your game to the next level. But it is noticeable that you cannot replace the rubbers of all paddles because some are designed for beginners and can’t be taken off.

So always ensure that the paddles can heave a new rubber, or you have to purchase the new one. Also, check the Best Table Tennis Shoes.

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