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Fun Facts About Table Tennis

Fun to play tennis or ping pong in the whole world is a strange chase for people of all ages. It requires the best effort and has complete control over the racket, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Whether you are a professional player or want to start table tennis, you must know the history of table tennis and learn the following facts about playing table tennis. These facts are based on actual rules and regulations about table tennis. These fun facts about ping pong are supposed to now by each player of the table tennis game, detail of the facts are hereunder for your kind knowledge and awareness about the game.

Table Tennis Fun Facts:

Ping Pong is an Old Game:

Rules of ping pong game are about 100 years old, and the official international of Table Tennis game was set back or Table tennis origin in 1926. Initially, the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) members were from England, Austria, Wales, Hungary, Germany, India, and Czechoslovakia. The rules made by ITTFs are still alive without any change by any member of ITTFs.

Ping Pong is an Old Game

Ping Pong is very Rare in the EAST.

Given all over the world, Tennis players are very rare outside china. China has complete control over games globally and has competed for most world prizes. While reviewing the past, non-Chinese can rarely win any history game. These are actual Table Tennis Facts. You Can also check the How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle?

Ping Pong is very Rare in the EAST

Part of Olympic in past ’80s.

1st Ball of Table Tennis or Table Tennis was nearly introduced in the 1988 Olympic Games. Seoul, South Korea, hosted these games.

Part of Olympic in past '80s ping pong

Table tennis was harmful in past.

A long time ago, Table Tennis was banned by the Soviet Union in his country. This was due to the country’s Ministry of Health announcing that ping pond games can affect eyesight. They allowed and revoked the ban in 1950.

Very famous like a traditional game.

It is a viral game on the planet and very well known worldwide, with more than millions of tournaments held every year. Everyone used to play this game in any age group. The first name of Table Tennis was ping pong and the most requested game on the planet. You Can also check the Awesome Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

Very fast than any tennis set.

It is a concise time-oriented game. The table tennis match would be no more than 30 minutes if done between professional players of any age.

Quicker or much faster than anything.

Given short, a quick table tennis player can hit the table tennis ball at 100 miles per hour, and the same reaction is expected for other players to reverse the short.

Similar game Diverse Tag

It is likely to know that the machine name of table Tennis or Other Name of Table Tennis was ping pond and used as a trademark in the early 20s.

Same Merged in the Victorian Era

Table Tennis was likely a UK game Victorian Parlour. The same game was started in Inia and is very popular in the Indian military or army.

Changed the name or Trademark

Tabel Tennis became popular instead of ping pong in late 1901 as Parker Brothers introduced this Trademark as table tennis in 102 clubs and started in different clubs and were called Table tennis Club.

Gum, slow down the ping pong game.

As a fact, table tennis is spreading globally with swift momentum. It can slow down or keep on actual momentum with the help of the best of best performers.

Many rubber layers cover the Table tennis Rackets.

Table tennis rackets come with many layers of rubbers on its face. However, more than 1600 rubbers can use for manufacturing table tennis rackets. These qualities of rubber perform different deliveries or shots of the ball while playing the game.

Fun Facts About Table Tennis

Frequently asked questions

What is an interesting fact about ping pong?

Ping pong is the third largest participation game worldwide after cricket and soccer. The longest table tennis rally is of 8 hours and 40 minutes between a son and father, namely Peter and Daniel, was mentioned in the Guinness book of the world record in which the rally lasted 32.000 total hits. You Can also check the How to Serve in Ping Pong?

How did table tennis get its name?

In the primary days of the 20th century, the table tennis game was invented in England and had a ping pong trading name. Table tennis was given name in 1921 to 22 when the ancient ping pong association was formed in 1902 and was revived.

Who invented ping pong?

The ping pong was initially introduced by David Foster, an English patent, and gave his first action in 1980.


So this was all about table tennis in terms of fun and entertainment. The game for beginners to professional players comes with innovations and versatility in performance being liked and played all over the world. You might link table tennis with the musty recreation and playrooms and basements, but table tennis’s origin is fantastic and elegant.


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