How to Play Table Tennis Alone – Practice Alone

Though Table Tennis is a game played between two individuals, there are loads of conducts that you may progress their skills deprived of a drill partner. While leaving from the board is pretty as vital as a regular drill. Thus we will refuge each method so you may grow well at the game though working on your own.


Conferring to maximum Table Tennis experts, serve and receive are the maximum vital shots in the game. Agree that the regular table tennis meeting is among 3 to 5 shots; taking a good facility may be the variance between endearing or losing a game.

So, serving would be practiced frequently. As you are playing near recovers, so must your serves; later, you would be fronting harder hostility that will receive yours additional ably. It is no use taking commanding hits if you cannot use customary them up using your serve. Also, check the Table Tennis Warm-Up Guide.

The uncertainty you include serve exercise in your routine, you would understand that the value of your serves would recover intensely, and you would take better grades in your games. Practicing serves may be dull, but you would be ready to place in the effort once your opponent fights to accept them!

If you do not gross a Table Tennis table, you may still practice your serves! You may serve on a steady table and aspect at the turn you are hitting on the ball. Ideally, this would be as nearby to 30 inches (76cm) in height as likely. You may also serve on the ground and get wherever the ball affects; you famine to become as far turn as possible. Also, check the How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle?

Test with changed serves, and attractive your playstyle into the explanation. Using myself as a sample, a forehanded looper, I dare to toss in some wild opposite bob serves each so repeatedly. The wonder component means foes frequently reappear a reasonably high ball to my forehanded, location up my top stroke. If you are good at initial up, formerly serve backspin.

Time Boll Serving:

Experts devote several hours each week to practicing service.

When practicing, great sure to serve, then prepare for the following ball, precisely as you would in a match. It would help if you also practiced disparities for the service you are arranging. For sample, if you are practicing a short backspin serve, try to practice doing a no-spin quick serve using a similar motion.

When practicing your backspin serve, make an effort to encounter under the ball and become the maximum spin conceivable. For the no-spin, derive from under the ball as you would able to do on a backspin serve, but firm the ball at the instant of connection in its place of a brush. This bounces the rival the magic that it is a backspin serve once it is not, and services relaxed faults out of them. The uncertainty you are varying the turn of your serves while making a similar gesture, your foes would not see what is imminent.

Video analyzing Yourself:

Once not in concert, it is tremendously helpful to reflect on the game. It is substantial to recover if we do not see what we might be doing well, and the only means to number that ready is via game study.

A decent means to stimulate these thoughts is by viewing videos of hand playing and trying to identify faults at a strategic, practical, and rational level.

Study the motives both for your facts gained and your facts lost. Your famine to be burden more of what wins you facts and fewer of what types you mislay them:

  • Stay your actual serves, or do you need to work on them?
  • Are you moving correctly and bending down?
  • Are you taking trouble with unforced errors?

How’s your service accepted?

Have your weaknesses in mind and do exact drills to precise them.

Expression at your body language and the gears you are maxim. You must be intense, though, keeping a champ’s boldness. It is a lot of solider to weary a player who stays quiet and confident, as opposed to somebody who becomes angry or bounces up when gears go south. Also, read the Why Ping Pong Paddles are RED and Black?

Reason of what you might take done inversely to attain a healthy result. Once viewing videos, you would sign facts you lost when the match is live, pay care, and study lots of gears that will help you in your games touching forward.

If you are worried about your faults, carve down the motive for each point you mislaid. It would be cooler to locate what to work on when that is complete.

Video watching and analyzing qualified players

You must watch videos of qualified players and try to know why they are doing what they are doing. Table Tennis experts deliberate the game carefully whole the years with the assistance of top-level trainers. With the uncertainty, you get to comprehend the believed course behind each round and the systems used, and you would improve the appreciated vision that you may induce to your matches.

It is even good if you may bargain with a pro that takes a like playstyle as yours. Later, you would get your own strategies effected at the maximum level, charitable you valued info around what you need to recover from branding your chic feasible moving onward. The uncertainty is your famine to hit all with your forehand at a high level.

There are also countless coaching stations, such as Table Tennis Daily or Pigswills, which you may watch to study new systems and strategies you implement to enhance the complexity and excellence of your game. Also, read Table Tennis Vs Tennis.

An additional tip is to check and watch videos of your competitors playing. The uncertainty you became removed in your last contest, hunt for video film of whoever beat you. Pay care to what they are doing. Chances are that you would study more strategies and dramas you may use to tire him succeeding time, and you would also be bright to use individuals’ strategies once you see somebody with a similar playstyle.

Practicing with an automaton or robot.

You may also learn table tennis with a robot is the adjacent you may become to drill with a partner, and it is suitable then you may mostly play Table Tennis at home, anytime your famine. The robot would shoot balls at your table semi-every few seconds. Thus it decodes justly fine to actual matches. Also, check the Ping Pong Table Dimensions.

By way of time has proceeded and skill has enhanced, robots have developed pretty reasonably. Elementary ones may be bought for below $200. Virtually every robot may shoot dissimilar turns and waver. Thus you may drill with them and recover quickly, deprived of the requiring of a partner.

Practicing with a Table Tennis Robot

Robots are also unusually actual when practicing the procedure of one specific hit. For instance, if you are taking distress initial up with your forehand in contradiction of backspin, customize the robot to backspin manner and drive it to your forehand. You would be talented to Pullman for as long as you satisfy. Practicing the same stroke over and over again would produce countless grades! Your method will convert muscle recall and display while playing matches.

We also direct recording yourself while practicing with the android to correct your method. Over time, go to custom more hurrying and body spin, although lard your hits.

Style specific, you take the correct basic methods with our direction to the 4 elementary hits: backhand drive, forehand push, forehand drive, and backhand push.

Training with table tennis robot

Shadow Play:

Shadow play is a good firm means once it derives from altering stroke signals and focuses on stability, quickness, and direction. It contains live table tennis unaccompanied, deprived of using a ball.

You only play as you would in a drill or a physical match, relatively deprived of the ball. Gumshoe play is countless for table tennis growth since you may effort only on your system and skill, deprived of disturbing about beating the ball and custody the fact alive.

Shadow play is especially prodigious for learners and for altering errors. Repositioning a positive stroke many times in noise, even deprived of the ball, would assist your power recall and improve your game. Gumshoe play assists in automatizing your hits though curtailing nasty habits later; you are not concerned about hitting the ball and receiving it on the table. Although shadow lives, we may play at a quicker stride and with the faultless method, which will finally decode into actual matches.

Uncertainty finished correctly; is also a moral workout. Try a mixture of your favorite drills and match-specific circumstances, comparable receiving into the table to a bit brief, then coming back out for an exposed up. It is respectable to see playing matches, totaling a part of randomness to your test. Also, read the How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber?

Evoke to stance on the tip of your toes thus that you are vigorous with your bottoms, and brand sure to make mass handovers properly.

It is even well uncertainty you top yourself and at that time view the film to analyze what you are doing mistakenly at a practical level, or even well, shadow play in visible of glass to precise your system in real-time.


Taking good energy and stamina types a world of variance in Table Tennis. You would like a poster that would be light on your bases and take an additional fiery primary step. With the uncertainty, you take good strength; you would not grow as weary through exercise and events.

We endorse at minimum a 30-minute assembly weekly, similar to a 5km jogging or cycling, to keep good aerobic act. Doing cardio is also actually decent for your well-being and mind!

Having short sprints is similar as applicable. It is an excellent clue to make 25, 50, and 100-meter dash to outdo the short spurts of ump that table tennis wants, assisting with your general explosiveness. Also, read the How To Seal Your Table Tennis Blade?

It is also critical to keep good, stable food, with heaps of vegetables, fruits, and enough protein. It fixes affect your salvage time and your liveliness levels and helps you sojourn healthy.

Ladder Maneuvers:

Ladder maneuvers are brilliant for Table Tennis; meanwhile, it wants a high level of leg direction, quickness, and hurry. They will kind your skill faster and more exact, and you do not even want a ladder to practice these workouts; these movements may be complete, although using ground tiles as a position.

I like the Youtube video as a good position fact for 11 diverse ladder drills though they might do with viewing each drill slightly slower at first. Also, read Table Tennis vs Ping Pong.

Join 5-10 minutes of ladder drills hooked on your dull, and you will sign the marks, especially when pending in and out of the board, or success for various shots. They also fortify your joints, tendons, and muscles so that you will take more physical care and have fewer injuries dejected from the stroke.

Eating Multiball:

The uncertainty you famine to recover your bit, then practice feeding multiball, even if there is no one here to succeed the balls you suckling. Multiball is a rigorous exercise in which the trainer feeds balls to the player at a height leap. The uncertainty you perform as the trainer, beating the ball recurrently, with different rotations and diverse places, will recover your sense in no time.

In directive to feed multiball, you would want a lot of balls and a vessel. Place the vessel on the table, continue beating the ball through a slack wrist, and try to sense the ball when you hit it. This frequent gesture of beating the ball in diverse ways would give you the skill to regulate the spin you inform on the ball.

Go beating fast topspins, moving short, forceful long, and striking. By feeding multiball, you would acquire in what way to regulate the ball and in what way to inform diverse spins using brief waves. It also assists with considering our gear well. If you purchase a new racket, make sure to feed multiball; you will become used to it a share extra fast!


Here are good customs to become well at the game deprived of truly playing it, and making good ways outside of the table may give us crucial rewards that would donate critically to our growth as players. I optimism these orders will assist you to convert a well played and let you practice table tennis yourself.

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