Best Penhold Ping Pong Paddle in 2023 – Best Reviews Guide

The penhold grip is quite popular among Chinese and Japanese players. This specific grip allows for easy access to both the forehand and the backhand. These players often prefer penhold grip paddles more than anyone because they perform well in either offense or defense.

Here, we’ve looked at a few of the best penhold ping pong paddles which are available. Building your racket with special rubbers and a blade can be more attractive to you if you’re an expert or competent player. You may shop for rubbers and blades based on your playing style and degree of expertise. But if you need a professional-level paddle, buying from a reputed company is a good practice. We have tested and compiled a list of the best penhold ping pong paddles for anyone looking to have one.

Comparison of 5 Best Penhold Ping Pong Paddle in 2023

Image Name Of The Paddle weight ITTF approved Best for Check Price on Amazon 
Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket 185 gram yes Best for advanced level players Check Price
 DHS 6006 New Series SUPERSTAR Table Tennis Racket Penhold DHS 6006 New Series SUPERSTAR Table Tennis Racket Penhold 0.6 pounds no Best for intermediate level players Check Price
 Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Handle-Chinese Penhold Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Handle-Chinese Penhold 86 grams no best for offense style players Check Price
 Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket 200 gram no Best for Japanese penhold beginners Check Price
 Butterfly B302CS Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Racket Butterfly B302CS Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Racket. 0.1 pound, yes best low-price pick. Check Price

Top 5 Best Penhold Ping Pong Paddle Reviews in 2023

1 Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket- Best For Advanced Level Player

Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis RacketButterfly Nakama P1 is an advance players paddle with ITTF approval. This paddle has a 7-ply blade, of which two are carbon and five are wood plies. The blade also features a smooth rubber surface, which helps the ball bounce back strongly. The rubber on it is 1.9 mm thick, giving it an excellent, quick response. It delivers good control of ping pong balls if you are an advanced player.

The handle is sturdy and helps the player hold the pen. The paddle may be used on either the forehand or backhand. Additionally, because of its lightweight and simple grasp, it enables the player to play defense. This racket offers high-speed shots that minimize the spin but is qualified to play professionally with it. Perhaps, this blade receives a strong 10/10 for speed and 8.5/10 for a spin. To add up to its pros, it has an ITTF endorsement. For control, it currently has a score of 6.5/10, which is adequate for advanced players. More professional players than novice players use the paddle.




  • Blade: 5-Ply Wood + 2-Ply Carbon
  • Handle: Straight
  • Weight: 185 grams
  • ITTF approved: yes
  • Skill level: advanced
What We Liked
  • ITTF verified
  • Smooth surface
  • Good speed
  • Great spin
  • Great for advanced players
  • Double-carbon ply.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not upgradable rubber
  • Not for beginners
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts:

If you are an advanced player and use a penhold paddle, then Butterfly Nakama P1 is your destination paddle. This is a great penhold ping pong paddle with good durability and a gripping handle. It has a good spin, speed, and control rating. During the testing, the paddle was found to be perfect for professional players, whereas the beginners might feel a little uncomfortable. Overall, because of its excellent performance quality and longevity, this paddle is a top choice.

Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket

2 DHS 6006 New Series SUPERSTAR Table Tennis Racket Penhold- Best For Intermediate-Level Players

DHS 6006 New Series SUPERSTAR Table Tennis Racket PenholdDHS 6006 is a good pen grip ping pong paddle for beginner players. You can easily have a good grip with both hands. Its blade is made of five layers of pure wood, has a solid core, and is outstanding in the attack. You get a quick ball-out speed and feel strong and transparent. The bottom plate has the perfect holding time, and the quick strike can be an arc that is simpler to handle. Having a perfect anti-adhesive double layer provides good spin and speed and strong rotation. Also, check the Table Tennis Vs Tennis.

Furthermore, the handle is easy to hold and great for teaching novices. You get an ideal balance of friction and resistance that gives a firm hold. With a solid grip, a player can also have excellent control over speed and spin. Because the handle is sweat-absorbent, the player won’t lose their hold throughout a game. The penhold paddle is pleasant and effective due to its small weight. It is a wise investment if you are new to table tennis. Also, the paddle is lightweight and offers simple spin and speed striking control.




  • Weight: ‎0.6 Pounds
  • Blade: 5-Ply Wood
  • Skill level: beginner
  • ITTF approved: no
What We Liked
  • Good control
  • Beginner friendly
  • Ambidextrous
  • Offensive play
What We Didn’t Like
  • A little pricey.
  • A little bit heavy
  • No ITTF verification.

Final Thoughts:

The DHS 6006 is a decent penhold table tennis paddle for beginners. Its handle is easy to hold onto. As a beginner learning both, the user can alternate between offensive and defense. The 5-ply wood blade offers decent spin and speed as well as good control. However, due to its slow striking speed and average spin, professional players do not utilize it that much. The paddle is a bit expensive and a touch too heavy in hand. But it is your got to paddle if you are a beginner and desire a penhold paddle with exceptional control.

 DHS 6006 New Series SUPERSTAR Table Tennis Racket

3 Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Handle-Chinese Penhold- Best for Offensive-Style Players

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Handle-Chinese PenholdYasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive handle is a special made for offensive players with highly controlled strike. The paddle’s 5.2mm thickness makes it very thin and light. Five layers of wood make up the blade, including two walnut, two spruce, and a center ply. The paddle has a solid feel and gives the ball a satisfying bounce. Most users rated the spin a solid 8/10, the control a 9/10, and the speed 8/10. Because the blade is firm, it spins well. Also, read the How to Play Smash in Table Tennis?

This supports both defensive and offensive playing styles. While playing I experienced that it has a good handle that provides a secure penhold grip and excellent game control. Beginner to advanced level players ,both can easily use this paddle. It is a fantastic Chinese penhold paddle with excellent power and strike. The hardness of the blade makes for a terrific, fast, spinning strike.




  • Weight: ‎86 Grams
  • Blade: 5-ply wood
  • ITTF approved: no
  • Skill level: intermediate
What We Liked
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff blade
  • Good spin
  • Nice strike
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not for professionals
  • No ITTF verification.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive handle is an excellent Chinese pen hold ping pong paddle. It features a solid, thin, firm blade that provides good spin, speed, and control in the strike. Additionally, it is a Chinese penhold that is lightweight and excellent for both beginners and experienced players. It is renowned for having a strong blade and excellent control. Since this blade does not get ITTF approval, it is not very popular among professional players.

4 Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket-Best for Japanese Penhold Beginners

Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis RacketButterfly Nitchugo is a solid choice for a pen grip ping pong paddle at a reasonable price. This paddle makes a great paddle for beginners because of its good penhold grip. The blade is comprised of five layers of wood and is lightweight to begin with. Secondly, the blade is square rather than oval, giving you dominance over your opponent. Its blade is particularly well-known among users for consistently striking. Spin, speed, and control are the top traits of this paddle. The short pimple rubber blade operates monstrously on the table with a swift yet well-adjusted hit. Also, read the Benefit of Playing Table Tennis.

I found this handle sturdy and perfect for beginners to grasp pens. It is an excellent option at a fair price with a reliable, comfortable, and controlled handle. Its simple handle enables seamless forehand and backhand switching. The ping pong ball can only bounce back with a certain level of softness because of the rubber on the blade. Consequently, I got many recommendations for this paddle for offensive style. But after using it, I came to know that it is worth the hype among the beginners If you are learning Japanese penhold or are a newbie, you may go with this choice.




  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Blade: 5-layers wood
  • Weight: 0.2 kilograms
  • ITTF approved: no
What We Liked
  • Great for learners of Japanese penhold
  • Good consistent hit.
  • Cost efficient
  • Good control.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not for advanced-level players.
  • No ITTF verification.
  • Not compatible with inverted rubber.

Final Thought:

Overall, for the price, it’s a fantastic beginner-friendly Japanese penhold paddle. Furthermore, it is lightweight and has excellent shot consistency. Users awarded it high marks for spin, speed, and control. During testing, the ping pong paddle was discovered to be an excellent fit for the hype it has. It has a strong blade that delivers powerful strokes. Instead of professionals, it is more appropriate for new and intermediate players. Although ITTF does not approve this paddle, it is as good as any other paddle for this style and is beginner friendly.

 Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket

5 Butterfly B302cs Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Racket-Best Low-Price Pick.

Butterfly B302CS Chinese Penhold Table Tennis RacketIf you are tight on your pocket but still your passion dragged you to buy a paddle Butterfly B302CS is your pick.

It  is a beginner’s pick with low cost. For people who want to master the Chinese penhold grip, it is a perfect choice to get started. Five layers of wood make up the blade that provides a nice spin on a hit. Testers gave the spin a rating of 7.5 and the spin a rating of 7. With a nice gripping handle, the paddle is simple to wield. The blade is also a fantastic choice for players at the beginner level since it has good power and striking control. Also, check the History of Table Tennis.

Importantly, the paddle has ITTF approval, making it legal to use it when competing in an international competition. Unfortunately, professional players do not tend to favor it much. However, it can be your choice if you want to start from scratch and require a solid penhold ping pong paddle. Because the blade is rigid, the shot is intense. The rubber is attached to the blade, making it impossible to repair, despite the grip being pleasant. These sturdy paddles feature distinct black and red forehand and backhand colors.




  • Weight: ‎0.1 Pounds
  • Skill level: beginner
  • ITTF approved: yes
  • Blade: 5-wood plies
What We Liked
  • Beginner friendly
  • Good price
  • Good pin hit
  • Controlled
  • ITTF approved
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not for professional level
  • Irreplaceable rubber

Final Thought:

In short, you can use this penhold ping pong paddle at a beginning point if you are just learning table tennis. It boasts a comfortable and well-controlled handle. Additionally, its rigidity, which provides it strong spin and speed for a hit, has received generally positive ratings from users. Despite being ITTF-verified, it is not particularly well-liked by athletes competing at the highest level. Its main flaw is the permanently attached, irreplaceable rubber on the blade. The blade is really fine for novices. Given its performance and pricing, it is a worthwhile choice.


Factors You N While Choosing A Good Penhold Ping Pong Paddle:

Although table tennis paddles appear straightforward, they involve a lot of expertise. They are designed expressly to achieve certain goals at a particular player level. The majority of paddles are constructed from wood ply, rubber, and various sponges.

When purchasing a penhold paddle, cost-effectiveness is a crucial consideration. As more companies enter the penhold paddle market, there are more options for performance and quality. The pen grip paddle with the highest price tag may not necessarily be the best investment both for you and your money. Many accessible variants offer exceptional comfort and performance. Also, read the Best Ping Pong Robots.

Following are the main factors that one must consider while choosing a good performance penhold ping pong paddle:


There are several excellent penhold paddles around the globe, making a decision tough. You can decide by looking at the design. The materials employed in its construction, the color scheme, and even apparent weight all have an impact on a paddle’s overall design. This information may help you find a penhold paddle that precisely meets your interests and demands.


Your paddle’s design and manufacturing are very crucial. Your paddle won’t last if it is not made properly. You want to get a racket which you can tell was well considered. Depending on how you hold, there are several other bases and handle designs. Also, check the Best Table Tennis Set.

The paddle is typically made of hardwood ply, a cushion that is about 2 mm thick, and rubber to seal everything together. Different spin, speed, and control ratings will result from the various designs and constructions.

Material Selection:

A ping pong blade may be made from a wide range of materials. Depending on how the maker intends the grip, spinning, and speed to be, different materials are employed. So it varies on whether the table tennis paddle is designed for amateur, intermediate, or professional players.


You have to evaluate the performance of a penhold paddle by weighing its stability and control. Consider the paddles’ stability and controllability. We consider the impact the product will have on our play style as well as how using it will make us feel.

Users Reviews:

Many individuals consider user reviews when deciding which things to purchase. Why is obvious: after all, who understands a better than its users? You may get a good sense of how others experienced their experiences by reading customer reviews before making your purchase decision. A product may not be liked by everyone, and some people will publish reviews more frequently than others. In general, customer reviews give a useful indication of how content customers are with a product.

Price And Quality:

The most significant factors to take into account are cost, reputation, and quality. Because you want to be confident it will meet your needs, price is a crucial factor. Also, check the Best Ping Pong Tables Under $500.

Examining quality is important since purchasing low-quality items will prevent you from achieving your primary goal of getting the greatest product.


However, we can assure you that each item on this list has been tried, tested, and approved by actual individuals as well as by professionals and experts. The article is written after careful consideration. All of the factors above mentioned in the guide were considered while choosing these picks. You can further select the best according to your liking and your level of performance for a better experience. For further ease, we have given the top three picks out of the above-mentioned paddles.

Top pick:

  1. Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket– Best For Advanced Level Player

The penhold on the Butterfly Nakama P1 ping pong paddle is superb. A penhold paddle with a 7-ply blade made in Japan has two carbon and five wood plies.It also has a smooth rubber surface, which aids in the ball’s powerful rebound. This is a suitable option if you are in need of an advanced skill-level paddle.

  1. Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket-Best For Japanese Penhold Beginners

A decent, affordable option for beginning players is the Butterfly Nitchugo Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket. Its blade is particularly well-known among users for its reliable striking and highly rated spin, speed, and control. Forehand and backhand switching may be done with ease.

  1. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Handle-Chinese Penhold- Best For Offensive Style Players

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive-handled Chinese penhold table tennis paddle. The paddle’s 5.2mm thickness makes it very thin and light. Five layers of wood make up the blade. It has good speed and spin. The blade is stiff and supports offensive style making it a good pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What factor does affect the speed of the strike?

Ans. A broad variety of woods are used in contemporary blade manufacture. Every type of wood naturally has a particular feel and speed to it. The speed rating of a racket describes the ball’s striking speed with the speeds of other rackets in our range.

What does the thickness of a rubber refers to?

Ans. There are several rubbers with different sponge thicknesses. Between the top sheet and the wood, the sponge layer serves as a trampoline. A thinner sponge will feel harder and be less “springy” since the ball will hit the wood surface more frequently and produce less spin and speed as a result. As the ball sinks deeper into the sponge layer, it is propelled outward with incredible velocity and more spin. The thicker sponge has a softer feel, is quicker, and has more spin.

How long you can use a paddle?

Ans. If the table tennis paddle wears out, you may either buy a new one or only change the rubber to save buying a new one entirely. Most rubber is good for 50 to 90 playing hours. The inverted or short pimple rubber will need to be changed for the majority of competitive players within a year. Anti-spin rubbers and short bumps should last more than that. However, your spins and power may decline as time passes if you don’t replace your blade or your rubber. The decision to replace your paddle must be made by you alone. It’s essential for a replacement if you notice that its efficiency has begun to decline.

How is a ping pong racket cleaned?

Ans. Your ping pong paddles’ lifespan can be extended by properly cleaning them, resulting in fewer replacements being necessary over time. Additionally, it guarantees a better game because filth and dirt degrade rubber. Use a sponge or towel soaked in water at room temperature to gently massage the paddle’s surface. Before putting it away, wait 30 to 60 minutes to ensure that it has thoroughly dried.

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