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No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced player, definitely you need to play the table tennis tips and tricks. In order to become a skilled table tennis player, you have come to the right place. For your ease, we have searched out a list of table tennis tips and ping pong strategies to help you take your game to the next level and fast track to move on the road to success and win every event.

So if you want to know about tips for playing ping pong and how to get better at ping pong, keep reading this informational blog.

Table Tennis Tips for Beginners:

1 – Get an Accurate Racquet:

The most important thing to dive into for the game is to get an accurate paddle that comes for around $10, isn’t cheap, and is available in any toy shop. The difference between a cheaper and good one is huge as if you want to play a game with passion, this should be your first worth investment. Make sure you use this paddle for your whole game play to get the most control and practice on it.

2 – Hold your Paddle Correctly:

The next important thing is how you grip your paddle in your hand. The styles for holding a table tennis paddle come in a wide variety of ways, but the beginners should hold a paddle with a shake hand grip. So it is essential to grip a paddle the right way in the very initial stage so that not to grow bad habits that will inhibit your development in this aspect later on.

Hold your Paddle Correctly

3 – How to Serve:

The most crucial part of learning table tennis is how to play ping pong with the initial serve. Serve is the essential tip and one of the easiest ways to win points in the sport, and at one of those levels, you get complete control of where the ball goes. As a beginner, it will not be difficult to learn different types of serves, but at the very initial stage, you should learn any of them and practice it.

To do that, make sure that you throw the ball up in the air at least 6 inches high from an open palm and that you should not cover the ball with any part of your body. You want to have a good grip on serving as there many rules regarding serving correctly.

4 – Learn Four Basic Strokes:

After learning the basics of serving in table tennis, he learns four basic rules of strokes. These strokes are:

  • The forehand drive
  • The backhand drive
  • The forehand push
  • The backhand push

The forehand and backhand strokes are essential tips to get down and are critical tools in the arsenal of every ping pong player worldwide.

5 – Use Spin to Control:

If you have control over spin in table tennis, you have everything. The high-quality shorts come with many spins from a beginner to a professional level. It would help if you tried to add more spin at the initial stage and then move on to the speed later.

Every new player tends to hit the ball hard but is unaware of how to learn spin in ping pong. Conversely, the professional player knows the importance of spin very much.

6 – Warm-up Before Playing:

At first glance, most people do not relate ping pong games with physical activity, or players ignore too many rallies in ping pong. But you will quickly change your opinion if you have experience seeing the international and competitive games.

However, the weight and fast-paced changes and stretches mean you will get easily injured and offer you a full range of movement during your game.

Warm-up Before Playing

7 – Practice on your Own:

If you want to improve your game level, you should have hands-on practice and train yourself with your own effort as it is not necessary to have a partner against you to play.

It would help if you dedicated more time to practice on a routine basis to take your game to the professional level.

8 – Be Consistent:

It sounds apparent that being a consistent player is essential to winning games, and eliminating your mistakes will make a massive difference in winning and losing. While playing, take each ball one by one and focus on hitting the ball for the whole game. Also, check the How to Keep Score in Ping Pong?

In your practice games, it is common to hit the ball consistently, but once you begin Comscore, the pressure significantly impacts your mental level and throws you off from a game.

9 – Learn Various Serves:

When you improve your game and become an intermediate player, you should learn multiple serve patterns; there are a wide variety of sering styles, as all of them you can employ in your game to keep your opponent on their toes guessing where the table tennis ball will go fast.

10 – Practice with a Table Tennis Robot:

A great way to improve real improvement is practicing with the ping pong robot. You might not have seen them, but these devices will throw a ball at you to copy an opponent’s shot. These robots come in a different range of costs, shapes, and sizes. Also, check the How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle?

They can throw you back spin and top spin shots with preplanned routines to offer you to train yourself with the backhand and forehand strokes as if you are playing with real players.

Get a table tennis robot

11 – Join a Ping Pong Club:

Another good tip to learn ping pong playing rules is to join a table tennis club and play with different levels of the player as you want. Joining a club is a great way to learn this game and improve your game level. You will get a chance to meet people from different walks of life and have more fun.

12 – Work on Low and Deep Returns:

A considerable part of your focus in your practice time should be that the ball should be low over the net and on the deeper side of your opponent. The closer you will be to the ball to the net, the better way it will give less angle and stop them from generating power and control on the ball with their return short. If you place the ball deep on the table, it will keep your player on the defensive side and restricts the number of options while returning the ball.

13 – Improve Your Footwork:

To play table tennis against players that are a lot better than you and get better hands-on practice, you will need to improve your footwork and how you used to move your foot. This is the tip on which professional-grade players used to pay more attention and spare a lot of time. Also, check the Benefit of Playing Table.

So if you want to improve your footwork in a ping pong game, then it is suggested to buy a good pair of table tennis shoes. These boots are specially designed for the movement that most players make. The shoes will help you move around the table tennis table with safet and quickly.

14 – Keep an Eye on Opponents’ Weaknesses:

A considerable part of your improvement in ping pong game is figuring out your opponent’s player weakness. You can gain more advantages from their weaknesses and improve those tips in your gameplay. For instance, if you notice that the player keeps on losing points with their backhand at certain spots, then you should play more shorts on it.

15 – Learn to Read your Opponent’s Serve:

You have to know about your opponent’s service if you want to get improvement in your game. It is no doubt a hard job to do but essential to know what short they are planning to make further. If you foresight what spin they are putting on it and where they are throwing a serve, you can easily have the best time to get the ball back over the net.

16 – Deceive Your Opponent:

Deception in any game is great to get an advantage over your opponent, and in table tennis, it is no more different. One of the great ways to deceive your opponent is during the serve. In the beginning, your services should be as ame way as putimg the ball on the spin, which they are not hopefully able to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get better at ping pong?

You can improve your table tennis skills by practicing a joining the club.

What are the Five Rules in Table Tennis?

  • Alternate serves after every two points.
  • The game is played to 100 points.
  • Toss the ball up while serving.
  • The service can land anywhere in serving.
  • Alternate hitting in the doubles rally.

What are Three Essential Shorts in Ping Pong?

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Forehand push


Above all, the tips of table tennis discussed above the most important is to practice your beloved game now and then. Everything that you can do for having the improvement the practice can be a great tool in a concise duration of time. Also, check the Best Table Tennis Shoes.

Try to stick to practice for 30 to 40 minutes daily; that will be a massive step towards improvement in the ping pong game. I hope that these ping pong tips will help you a lot to be a skilled table tennis player!

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