How to Spin a Ping Pong Ball – Killer Techniques

I love to play tennis table games but the problem is that I can’t execute the spin shot like a professional. If this is the ultimate problem you face, we are here to help you play spin like a pro. The entire game depends upon the spins which are crucial in this game and if you don’t have any experience and knowledge of how to Spin a Ping Pong Ball?

No worries, we will share the exact tips and tricks that can jumpstart your tennis pin-pong career instantly.

Ping-pong game looks simple and easy. You have to hit the ball with a racket or paddle, wait for the opponent, and hit it again. The game continues till the end until one becomes a winner. The main three ways to spin the ball are topspin, backspin, and sidespin. It is a fact that playing this relatively simple and easy-looking game is not child’s play. It requires mastery level skills as well as much more knowledge about it.

In this guide we will walk you through every minute detail you require in order to make a ping-pong ball spin with perfectionism like a professional player. To learn how to put a spin on a ping pong ball read this article till the end. Let’s begin.

Ways to Spin the Ball:

There are some killer serves to destroy opponents in the table tennis game. All spins require different techniques in the game. Are you ready to produce the right spin like a professional player? Read on these killer ways to hit ping-pong balls for beating opponents.


Topspin is the solid way in ping pong but it requires some mastery-level skills and efforts by the attacker. In fact, it is one of the most important strokes that is mostly used by attack-minded players. In order you want to attack your opponent, you must apply this spin. In this spin, the player has to hit the ball by imparting considerable power to the ball and it will curve downwards.

How Can I Generate Topspin?

  • Hit the ball through the racket in an upward movement.
  • The top part of the ball will spin continuously in a downward arc.
  • If your opponent doesn’t adjust the right timing, he will miss the shot.
  • It is one of the killer shots. If you have an attack-minded personality you must apply this technique to win.


The Backspin technique is widely used by amateurs because it is one of the easier spins and helps to become a master. For backspin hit the ball with a downward movement at the equator or below it. This ping-pong stroke will be hard for your opponent. It’s no secret practice makes a man perfect. So, make sure to practice for backspin, and aim to hit with a complete focus on becoming a master in it. The reason is that this motion will help out in all other types of spins. However, it is an easy-to-learn stroke but has a drawback if you start from backspin it will make your ping pong ball spinning travel slowest.

How Can I Generate Backspin?

  • Stroke the ball at the equator or below it in the downward movement.
  • Tilt racket so that you see the side that hits the ball.
  • The ball will spin in the direction where you stroke it.
  • It will be a killer stroke for your opponent.


As per the name, a sidespin occurs when you stroke the ping-pong ball with the racket. It is used for both situations: defending self and attacking opponents. It depends on whether you creating this spin from the right or left side but remember when you hit the ball it will move to the vice versa. This type of spin can be done via two methods.

Ways To Play Sidespin

You can play the sidespin quite easily without any difficulty. All you need to have a good control of your racket.

First Method: You can stroke the ball from the left side it will move in the opposite direction

Second Method: The second is you can stroke the ball right to the left.

Final Verdicts:

In short, we covered all the ways which were used for spinning a ping-pong ball. We are confident after reading this guide you will be able to take the right spins in table tennis like a professional. Don’t forget practice makes a man perfect. Hence as much as you will practice for each spin you become more professional.  Make sure to challenge yourself for more and more practice.

Furthermore, the more you know about how to spin a ping-pong ball, the more chances for becoming a professional. In actuality, there are plenty of techniques but describing all of them is not possible. However, if you understand how spin works you can improve your game. Also, if you have any queries in your mind regarding ping-pong ball spins you can ask in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the reasons for using spins in Ping-Pong games?

Spins are an essential part of the Ping-Pong game because it thrills the audience as well as frustrate the opponents. But its killer spins require practice and effort from a player.

What is the official size of a Ping-Pong table?

Ping-pong table size should be 9 feet in length, 2.5 feet in height, and 5 feet in width.

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