How to Curve a Ping Pong Ball

how to curve a ping pong ball

The ability to curve a ping pong ball, also known as “sidespin,” can add a new dimension to a player’s game and make it more difficult for opponents to predict the trajectory of the ball. Sidespin is achieved by applying … Read More

Types of Ping Pong Paddles – Ping PongUp

type of Ping Pong Paddles

Any racket can be your equipment if you are an avid tennis player. But do you know the racket type strongly influences your game performance? Also, how would you know which type of racket suits you best? Pro players spend … Read More

5 Common Ping Pong Injuries – PingPong Up

It is a common problem while playing, and players get injured. The same is the case with table tennis, in which many types of ping pong accidents happen during table tennis warm-up exercises. Here we have discussed 5 Common Ping … Read More