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For table tennis players, the racket is the greatest significant part of a kit in the game. Also, there are thousands or even millions of symbols worldwide, so you might wonder why the racket is constantly the same red and black.

In this article, I will explain to you the whole thing here to see about the tan of ping pong paddles, why they are closely permanently red and black, the variance between the two, and some more motivating and valuable information about the table tennis rackets that you actually would see.

Table tennis rackets are red and black as it is vital by the ITTF for game slides and equality. Red and black rubbers grip various features which want to be strong for the adversary, justice, and viewers. One rubber is habitually for power and speed, while one is for spin and control.

As you may check, here is the one cause for the color variance of the table tennis racket. Now, the uncertainty you want to appreciate the whole thing around this topic, cane with me an although extensive once I clarify it.

The determination is to decide the rubber used by the adversary during the game.

Earlier in 1983, several players used rubbers with diverse acts of similar color.

For instance, some players used reversed rubber on one side and extensive spot rubber on the other. Though, both edges were moreover red or black.

They lifted the racket throughout the game to use the reversed rubber or extensive spot rubber. It was misleading, and the shot was erratic to the opponent. Players stroked irritated and sulky.

Consequently, in 1983, the ITTF specified that the paddle had one red and one black side.

Through the rule applied, a player using an overturned ping pong rubber for the black color and an extensive spot for the red color, the adversary will be bright to justice the ball’s features and rise justice and gratitude of the game.

Compulsory by the Instructions or Rules.

The first cause why table tennis rackets’ rubber should be red and black is that the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) brands it. But this is not objective as of nonentity, and there is indeed a legal reason behind it all. This receipts us back to the 1970s and 1980s.

It all started in the 1970s when table tennis players saw that they might fake and cheat their adversaries by managing a rubber with a similar color but diverse characteristics in their rackets.

This would genuinely cloud the adversary since, in the mid of an energetic contest, one would quickly move the paddle’s side from panic to turn and vice versa, reflecting their hits so changeable that actual ability scarcely signified.

That is why the ITTF applied a rule in 1986 that one side of the racket is red and one black. This was only 2 years earlier than the initial Olympics involving table tennis, so the TT public moved a shot as here. The initial Olympic winner made their wins with ability, not cheating.

The solid external casing on the blade’s side would be dull, cheerful red on one side and black on the reverse side.Differences Between Red and Black Ping Pong Paddles

International Table Tennis Federation

Later, the rule and regulations became official; all paddle rubbers used in suitable matches, global level, or Olympics must take the ITTF support logo.

Game Photograph

Game photography and equality are significant in all games, including table tennis. Later the 70s-80s clutter, it is dressed that you, your adversary, the justice, and the viewers may become the two sides of the racket, so the game is clear and stable with actual talent and who managed well in the game, not by deceiving the adversary.

It duty be rich what side of the racket both players are using so that equally may forestall and see what caring of hits they may guess. This is why the adversary may review your paddle before every game and continuously if you altered it throughout the game. But, we assure you, the same benefit is also allowed to you.

In matches and events, it is also essential that the player’s shirts are not the same color as their racket because of differences and transparency once over. Though, if you play for amusement with friends, you may be motivated to try lying and tiring the same-colored shirt as your rackets and get in what way disordered your adversaries would become.

In conclusion, the ping pong ball’s distinction is busy into reflection as well, agreed the balls are also orange or white and constantly white in competitive games. This means you may see the white ball in black and red rubber sides and the frequently blue tabletop and red grounds.

Approaching up with instructions that make the game clear and reasonable for everybody frequently takings time, but in my and several others’ feelings, they must be ended. Why would your famine succeed by cheating anyways?

Additional Selections with the Rubbers:

Directions and transparency are additional gears, but here is a 3rd cause for the colors and looks! Frequently, red and black rubbers take various perks that the player may use and shift in the center of the game, philanthropic greatly more selections.

This will permit the players to pick which adjacent to use as soon as serving the ball, getting a strike, adding extra power, or spinning. Diverse sides also take diverse ball control bonuses.

For the details overhead, it is clear that the troupes may inspect each other’s paddles and rubbers earlier than the game starts, so they see what to guess when the adversary is on the red side and once they are using the black.

For fun players playing for amusing and are not fantastic qualified in table tennis, the rubber sides make a slight alteration, and they maybe do not even sign an alteration. They force not even see that there is an alteration. But, for modest sportspersons, the alterations are radical, which is why each side desires to be black or red.

What is the Variance Between Red and Black Sides?

Here and now, let’s gross an appearance at red and black rubbers and what are the common variances between the two. Let’s come off with the red side.

Red rubber is frequently far a smaller amount sticky than the black one and takes a bushier loofah layer among the paddle’s blade and rubber. This will be the outcome of more influential strikes with extra speed. But the ball controller and spin potentials are smaller than in black rubber.

On the other hand, black rubber is frequently messy and tacky, with a tinny foam coating between the blade and rubber. This bounces the side better ball resistor. Also, stickier rubber will bounce out far more than the red side. But black rubbers do not frequently give out such control and hurry as a red one shows or does.

Until now, these bonuses are not continuous thus, and you may reasonably variate your paddles rubber by hand, allowing you to select a black rubber destined for rapidity and control and the red one for turn and controller. But frequently, the features are these that I clarified overhead.

Additional variance among the rubbers is wide-ranging. Red and black rubbers crop different sounds if they take diverse depths, vulgarity, and other privileges. You may visualize that an expert table tennis player tells precisely what rubber is destined for control sounds and what rubber is destined for spin sounds.

Whether the rubber is located on the cross of the forehand or backhand, there are mutual comparisons are acceptable. The red side is frequently in the forehand and black in the backhand. But Chinese black rubber is frequently in the forehand as black rubber is messier with extra spin and control, which is typical for their singing style.

In the end, it derives down to the producer’s structure style; thus, black and red rubbers do not take such radical variances in about cases. In distinction, rubbers from other manufacturers take significant variances. Thus, before receiving a fresh rubber for your paddle, either red or black, you must read the features and evaluations of the rubber.

The Purpose of Black and Red Rubber:

As stated previously, the meaning of the red and black rubber is diverse. You may have one side with a reversed rubber and the other with an extensive spot, signified by red and black, individually.

With the uncertainty you play by a racket through these rubbers, you will appreciate that the upturned rubber takes a wild butchery speed; though the long spot may surge the resistance, it is relaxed to turn the ball. Of progression, it is relaxed to fasten the ball through an extensive spot.

Purpose of Black and Red Rubber

What has ITTF Finally Specified Such Rule?

It is all as of Cai Zhenhua!

If you want to see why, at that time, we must go back to Cai Zhenhua, a manly former table tennis actor from China.

When Cai Zhenhua was a table tennis actor, he stayed respectable at playing the ready. He was skillful in shifting his paddle from one side to another very fast.

By that while, every adversary who played with him caressed sulky. Cai Zhenhua had a paddle of a similar color for both sides.

As soon as he played through the ball, he held the racket grip and rotated. He enjoyed shooting until the adversary did not see which side of the racket he would be ready to the potshot.

Occasionally when the adversary supposed it was a revolving ball, it was a fastball once they customary the round, which produced them to underestimate and create faults in recurring the round. Cai Zhenhua demolished all their placement strategies.

The adversary would mislay the game as they might not forecast the nice of the round he would style. He was so respectable till the ITTF specified the racket was to be red and black as of him.

Are there Other Colors in Table Tennis Paddles:

In addition to the black and red rubber colors, there are Yellow, Rose, Blue, Green, and White. But, afterward, the 1986 rule ended by the ITTF, and other colors have been more solid to treasure. However, here are unmoving old ones out here, and about new ones are ended, but they are for amusing play only as, in matches, the paddle wants to be black and red.

Frequently, you may see expert black and red rackets that are truly costly; but they are closely continually relatively economy when it derives to other colors as they are for fun habit only.

Other Colors in Table Tennis Paddles

Stand Near Any Other Instructions or Rules that the Racket Must Comply:

The rubber’s colors are not the solitary rules for the racket, and here are additional. When analyzing the ITTF Manual, you may discover all table tennis laws or rules within, but that may be a struggle; consequently, you may discover other significant rules for the paddle below.

85% of the racket essentially be natural wood.

The racket might be of any shape, size, or weight, but the blade means to be flat and unbending.

The casing solid shall spread up to but not yonder the bounds of the blade.

The part adjacent to the grip and rapt by the fingers might be left bare or roofed with any solid.

Edge, coat within the control, covering solid, glue on a side castoff for arresting shall be continuous and even.

The racket’s casing shall be used deprived of any human, living, or other action.

The paddle will observe it earlier at the start of a game or when either player variates.

These are the basics, but here is much more, so uncertainty you are keen to get all of them; I propose you recite them down from page 32 in the ITTF handbook.

Why Ping Pong Paddles are RED and Black

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Here you have it, the several motives why the massive popularity of ping pong rackets are red and black. ITTF instructions, photographs, equality, and diverse bonuses are why the paddle is continuously red and black in competitive games and competitions.

I optimism that this object will offer you answers and charge that you may need gadget into your lifetime or see more about table tennis paddle and their past. Quick tip; if you are looking for a paddle for competitive games, make sure it is red and black!

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