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Tennis equipment is something that can make or break the game for you. When you opt for a game, its equipment should come to your mind before anything else. Similarly, when you think of playing Table Tennis, the image of a ball and paddle is what goes through your head instantly. But, to your surprise, these two are not just the only pieces of equipment to ace the game. Other than the ball and the paddle, there are some more necessary tools to set your place in the game. You can count me in as someone who has acquired almost every piece of ping pong equipment for the longest time.

I was a team captain for Table Tennis in high school and somehow managed to ace every game with the right tools at the right time. In this article, I’ll cover and discuss all the major ping-pong equipment and its uses. Furthermore, this post will benefit you a lot if you’re new to the world of Ping Pong. So without any further due, let’s get started!

Table Tennis Balls:

Starting with Table Tennis balls weighing around 2.7 grams, their color could be coordinated depending on the player’s preference. Ping Pong Balls are an important requirement for starting the game at a slow pace because they assure companionship between the two rivalries.

These balls are made out of plastic now, but in earlier days, celluloid balls were the talk of the town, although they could come quite in handy while striking because of their extremely bouncy texture.ITTF ensures that the ball has endorsed strict testing and is well-equipped for international matches. Moreover, these balls are given ratings based on their quality.

Table Tennis Balls

Table Tennis Paddle:

Paddle, Racquets, and Bats all are names for Table Tennis rackets. These paddles are used to hit the ball against your competitor. A fine paddle is made up of 85% of wood and contains a slight bit of carbon fiber. Rubbers are attached to both sides of the paddle to create more tension, depending on its design particularly.

Now, these rubbers have ‘pips’ attached to them; these pips aim to enable more spin and speed on the ball.

Also, there are two types of paddles in Ping Pong. One is the penhold grip paddle, this type of paddle allows a player to hold the paddle like a pen; on the other hand, the shakehand grip paddle encourages a player to hold the paddle like they were shaking hands.

Table Tennis Paddle

Tennis Table:

The utmost necessary tool of Table Tennis is the table. Without the table, you can never really begin with the game. There are two types of Tables for Ping Pong, indoor and outdoor. An indoor table has a much greater bounce than the outdoor one, but unlike outdoor tables, an indoor table cannot counter severe circumstances like the outdoor one.

ITTF has a strict policy regarding the choice of Table Tennis tables. They specify that the table’s platform should be 9ft long, 5 ft wide, and 30 inches above the surface. Owning your own table won’t do any harm to you, in fact, it will only help you shortly.

Tennis Table

Table Tennis Net And Post:

While talking about Ping Pong Table, we cannot leave its net and post behind. Most of the time, a net is attached to the table when you go out there to purchase it. But sometimes you must purchase the net separately, measuring 6 ft long and 6 inches wide.

We recommend buying accessories like spring-loaded clips and hand-tightened screw lamps together with the Net for any inconvenience in the long run.

Table Tennis Net

Table Tennis Robots:

Table tennis is a game of two or more two players, and this very game requires two participants at one time to strike against each other. Still, sometimes people struggle to find an opponent for them, and so for this reason, table tennis robots have been manufactured. These robots train your balls to strike to work on your right technique and viscosity.

Table Tennis Robots are designed in a way that can produce all types of swirls depending on their speed and velocity. These robots can help you big time if you’re new to the world of Ping Pong.

Table Tennis Robots

Table cover: 

Table covers can be counted as essential equipment. An outdoor table always requires a cover to protect it from the harmful atmosphere. You should consider protecting it because table tennis tables are often seen lying in the back of our homes and garages, forgetting their existence in our lives.

So to protect them from unwanted dust, weather conditions, clutter, sun rays, and whatnot, you should always cover them to protect them at all costs.

Table tennis cover


While talking about table covers, what you wear to cover yourself speaks a lot about your gameplay. It is highly recommended that you wear light and loose clothes to feel comfortable because your confidence lies in your comfort!

I’d suggest that you wear clothes made out of breathable material because it keeps you sweatproof and allows you to enjoy the rest of the match without causing any irritation.

Also, wearing shorts throughout your match can help you like anything as they’ve pockets for storing your equipment, especially table tennis balls.

Table tennis Clothing


Table tennis shoes are made with a lot of concentration. Manufacturers ensure that the material being put into it is lightweight and typically has a narrower outer sole and a lower heel veil to adjust the right sideway movements.

You cannot just go out there and purchase any kind of shoe for table tennis because these shoes are formulated precisely just for table tennis supplies. You might think that alternating any other shoe won’t harm your game, but trust me, when it comes to Table Tennis equipment, its shoes are one of the essential types of equipment. So before impulsively buying any shoe for your game, I suggest you do your research first and then go ahead with your game.

Table tennis Shoes


What are the four main pieces of equipment in Table Tennis?

The important tennis gears are a racket, ball, net, and table. Without this equipment, you cannot begin with your gameplay.

What is the essential equipment for Table Tennis? 

A table Tennis Paddle is an essential piece of tool for Table Tennis. These paddles could also be countered as bats, rackets, and paddles.

What are the 3 forms used in playing table tennis? 

Penhold, Shakehand, and Semmiller are the 3 forms of playing Table Tennis. These forms vary in density and technique from others.

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