Killerspin Jet 800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing the table tennis racquet, you look for something extraordinary and best suitable for your play style. We know it can be a bit overwhelming for you to determine the best paddle, and we won’t blame you for that since there are many options available in the market.

To help you out with this skeptical task, we have narrowed down the two best choices of the widely famous brands. Killer spin and STIGA Pro are two mainstream brands that people blindly trust.

Being an avid tennis player, finding new rackets and comparing them is my hobby.

I wanted to choose between them and could not find how to differentiate between them. Later I had a complete comparison of Killerspin Jet 800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon.

So, in this article, we have talked about the features of both paddles as well as their brief review. Lastly, we have drawn a comparison between the Killerspin jet 800 and STIGA pro carbon.

Those who are in the pro or intermediate level of ping pong sport can benefit from reading this article. Keep reading up to the very end of the article to know the difference of the duo.

Killer spin Jet 800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon

Both the brands and models offer varieties of different paddles. Of course, both must have some similarities and dissimilarities that might influence your judgment and decision. When choosing a racket, you need to consider four major parts before buying such as; handle, sponge, rubber, and blade.

Let’s review both paddles to see which one stands out best for you.

Killerspin Jet 800 Review:

A widely notable and famous company, Killerspin, based in Chicago, introduced one of its best table tennis paddles, Killerspin Jet 800. This racquet promises to deliver head-turning performance for competition-level games. It has a modern design and is quite popular among youth.

The JET 800 can deliver intense powerful shots and is lightweight. Now, coming to the layers, its blade has premium wood and carbon fiber layers. 2.0mm nitrx rubber delivers a terrific spin and keeps you dominated throughout your game. Killerspin Jet 800 is ITTF approved for official competitive games. It is a durable and high-quality racket. Maybe you have had a hard time getting used to its handle and grip, but it works great in a loner run. The only need is to get handy of it.

The seven layers of premium wood provide you with excessive power to hit shots that are more aggressive style. Whereas carbon layers provide you with good control. The JET 800 also comes with dual-carbon technology that permits the blade to be more on harder as well as quicker side.




  • Power: 9
  • Spin: 9.0
  • Control: 8.0
  • Weight: 190g
  • Blade: 7-ply extra light + 2 carbon fiber
  • Handle: Concave (flared)
  • Rubber: Nitrx 4z
  • Sponge: 2.0mm
  • Can replace rubber


  • ITTF approved for competitive games
  • Dual Carbon Technology
  • Nitrx rubber offers to control the direction of the ball
  • 7-ply blade premium wood, and carbon fibers ideal for aggressive play style


  • Flared handle table tennis paddle measures 6” x 6 1/8”
What We Liked
  • Includes blades made up of carbon fiber and real wood
  • Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation for professional competitions
  • Ball returns relatively quick
  • Provides spins
  • Provides power and speed
  • Flared handles suit many players
  • Great for skilled players
What We Didn’t Like
  • Handles are comparatively shorter than the other paddles
  • More towards the expensive side
  • Might work for aggressive players only

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

The Stiga Pro Carbon is made from refined materials incorporated perfectly and is ideal for players aiming for powerful shots. STIGA PRO CARBON claims to deliver an intense power experience as well as quality spin to every player.  The rubber used in this racket is approved by ITTF and can be used for tournament-level games. It also has a 7-ply extra light blade with two consisting of carbon fibers that make shots stiffer.

If you are an offensive-style player who likes to hit smashing shots, then the STIGA PRO CARBON racket is the one for you.

It consists of stiff carbon that helps in generating more spin and power as compared to the other ping pong rackets available in the market. If you are looking for a better well-made racket, then try considering STIGA Pro Carbon, it provides you comfort and prevents unfortunate hand cramps. A long hour of play without any sort of discomfort or pain.




  • Speed: 99
  • Spin: 100
  • Control: 80
  • Weight: 185g
  • Handle: Concave Pro (flared)
  • Rubber: S5
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Blade: 7-ply Extra Light
  • Can replace rubber


  • 7-Ply Extra Light Blade
  • ITTF approved for tournament games
  • Carbon Technology
  • Crystal Technology (hard surface blade increases speed)
  • Balsa Technology (ultra-lightweight wood increase reaction time as well as speed)
What We Liked
  • Lightweight than the Killerspin
  • Higher spin
  • More speed and power
  • Easy To control
  • ITTF-approved rubber for competition level games
  • Inexpensive than Killerspin
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not for soft shots
  • Takes time to master
  • Not much tackiness on the rubber
  • Not for professionals
BLADE 7-ply extra light 7-ply extra light + 2 carbon fiber
RUBBER S5 Nitrx 4z
WEIGHT 185g 190g
SPEED 99 9.5/10
SPIN 100 9/10
CONTROL 80 8/10
SPONGE 2.0mm 2.0mm
WOOD balsa premium wood
TECHNOLOGY carbon, balsa and crystal technologies dual carbon technology

Killerspin Jet 800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon: COMPARISON:  

Let’s draw a side-by-side comparison of the two best ping pong paddles.


  • STIGA Pro Carbon has an S5 rubber which is also a beginner rubber. Nevertheless, it is a harder rubber and not sticky. It also has a thick sponge that provides a hard surface. On the other hand, Killerspin Jet 800 rubber is not that hard and is slightly brittle.
  • STIGA Pro Carbon is best for players who like attacking from the front-style gameplay. However, this rubber will not provide you with enough support in playing fastballs. Go for this paddle if you know the techniques to play offensive games. This is not the case with the rubber of Jet 800 as it can tackle fastballs quite excellently and is suitable for offensive and defensive playing styles.
  • The Killerspin rubber is quite grippy and is suitable for trick players who like topspin, twists, etc, you need a rubber that provides a good grip. However, the rubber might come off after some time, but you can always order another one and replace it yourself.


  • Both paddle blades are similar in terms of construction yet still have some dissimilarities. Both have 7-layers, 5-ply premium composite wood + 2 carbon fibers.
  • STIGA PRO CARBON has a STAR5 2mm sponge, whereas KILLERSPIN JET 800 has a NITRX 4z 2mm sponge.
  • Nitrx 4z is conventional not tacky. The STAR5 sponge has nanocomposite technology that provides firmness and delivers intense powerful strokes.
  • Nitrx 4z is easily replaceable as compared to STAR5.


  • In terms of weight, The Killerspin is relatively heavy and weighs around 266 grams.
  • Stiga paddle, in comparison, weighs around 159 grams.
  • Killerspin provides a sweet spot that is larger in comparison to STIGA. The Stiga model doesn’t provide that large sweet spot.

Control, Spin, And Speed:

  • STIGA PRO CARBON provides more control than the Jet 800.
  • STIGA PRO CARBON control: 8
  • KILLERSPIN JET 800 control: 7.5
  • The Pro Carbon is more on the lighter side and fairly easy to control as compared to Killerspin Jet.
  • The Stiga Pro Carbon provides top-tier spin attaining a 10 rating extraordinary for a light ping pong paddle.
  • The blade has a speed rating of 9.9 and is suitable for an offensive playing style.
  • In terms of speed and spin, Killerspin Jet is behind STIGA Pro Carbon with a spin of 9 and speed of 9.


  • Both the paddles are made of premium wood and carbon fiber, the only difference is the material of rubber.
  • STIGA pro carbon is more on the durable side than Killerspin jet 800 as it needs replacement after some time.
  • The amount of wood used in the handle and blade of both paddles falls on the official rules set by ITTF. (85% natural wood should be used in table tennis bats)

Playing Style and Level:

  • Killerspin Jet 800 is ideal for offensive and defensive players. STIGA pro carbon does not support a defensive style of game. The STIGA model is ideal for offensive players who prefer fast games, as the paddle rubbers offer great spin and speed.
  • Both are professional paddles and approved by the ITTF for competitions. The Stiga Pro Carbon paddle is an excellent choice for intermediate-level offensive players. This paddle is certainly not for beginners. Now coming to the Killerspin, it is kind of a defensive paddle, and you need to learn the defensive techniques first before opting for this racket. This racket is suitable for intermediate as well as advanced players.

Which paddle you should go for?

In a comparison of Killerspin Jet 800 vs STIGA pro carbon, our choice would be Killerspin Jet. Also, there is no denying the fact that Killerspin paddles are one of the best table tennis paddles out there. With such a high price, this paddle delivers what the brand claims. Ideal for offensive and defensive players, this paddle is also approved by ITTF for professional games and tournaments. If you are an advanced and professional player, then Killerspin Jet 800 should be your best option. Nonetheless, for intermediate players, the STIGA Pro Carbon would be suitable. It offers great spin and speed and is also one of the best-performing table tennis paddles.


In this article we have tried to address the KILLERSPINJet 800 vs Siga Pro Carbon. If you are an advanced offensive-defensive player then Killerspin should have to be your call. For intermediate players, STIGA pro carbon is the best choice. Apart from the playing style, there are other aspects as well that influence your decision. We have provided you with sufficient information regarding both ping pong paddles in this article.


STIGA pro carbon suitable for beginners? 

Stiga pro carbon is a good paddle for players looking for more spin and speed. It is often recommended to intermediate players but if you know how to control spin and speed then you can go for this one.

Which paddle should an advanced player go for?  

It all depends on your playing style. If your style is offensive and defensive then Killerspin should be your choice. If you like fast offensive games then stiga pro is your option.

Can you change the rubber of your paddles?  

Yes, you can change the rubber of your paddles once they are worn out. These rubber are easily removed and replaced and you can do it yourself.

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